carport in a sentence

Example sentences for carport

Where the driveway was once flush with the floor of the carport, a bump appears.
No matter how good solar panels get, putting them on a house or carport rather than on a car may be the best way to go.
There is a spacious bunkhouse that is equipped with a kitchen and carport.
Complimentary parking is included in the downstairs carport.
Most sites include a carport, shade and storage area.
Carport rafters may not be solely supported by the existing rafter tails or fascia of the house.
It is not located in an illegally converted garage or carport.
The carport would restrict views and it's out of character for the neighborhood.
Another activity requiring a building permit is a carport conversion.
These requirements also apply to carport conversions to garage.
Access to the residential parking is from the rear alley into a two-car carport.
The entire garage would still need to be fire rated and the carport would need to be as well.
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