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Example sentences for carpet

Babies crawl on the floor and get exposed to far more bugs on carpet than they do on vinyl.
Today, mile after mile of newly planted vineyards carpet the valley floor.
The sluice is lined with heavy synthetic matting, similar to indoor-outdoor carpet.
The region in which someone can hear the boom is called the boom carpet.
Then, without warning, she abandoned her chair for the carpet and began addressing the dogs themselves from her knees.
And it was the look in their eyes that made me lose my grip and let his body drop onto the carpet.
The hallway outside the bathroom was padded with dusty green carpet.
They don't leave inextricable artifacts in your living room carpet's fibers.
She had her husband, too, who kept her at ends as loose as carpet fringe.
Plastic bags carpet much of the developing world because locals do not know how to turn them into anything else.
By rolling out the red carpet again, it showed it has no plans to reconsider.
Yet instead of rolling out the red carpet for it, the authorities seem to be trying to pull the rug out from under it.
The promise of reward for their talent and skills is the magic carpet which allows their ideas to take flight.
The beach here is now a thick carpet of discarded shells.
They were loaded down with bags and one carried a rolled-up carpet.
Cacti must be mowed down and local wildlife displaced to make room for the giant mirrors that will essentially carpet the desert.
So go out on a limb and don one of these ultra-chic pairs to add a little crazy, red-carpet couture to your lashes.
They immediately decamped to rub their bare feet in the ship's plush carpet and order tropical drinks from the bar.
More than ever, the prom is resembling a red-carpet event.
The contractor shall be responsible for ordering the proper amount of carpet.
Take up and reclamation of existing carpet and cove base.
Old carpet will be torn out and disposed of by the contractor.
Install direct glue down level loop carpet with rubber cove base and vinyl wood planks.
The vendor is also responsible for furnishing and installing new carpet to replace the existing carpet.
The carpet could ignite, posing a serious risk of burn injuries to consumers.

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