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Example sentences for carpentry

Something smaller and cheaper would do for home repairs, while serious carpentry requires something stronger.
Building the obelisk isn't that difficult if you have good tools and basic carpentry skills.
And their father taught them carpentry when building the house.
In two months at the camp, they are taught practical skills, such as how to start a carpentry business or open a bank account.
Now they are learning skills such as carpentry or baking.
There's beneath even the noblest novel a certain ignoble carpentry that one's would-be saintly self resents.
Large plantations were self-sufficient and included blacksmith, kitchen, carpentry and barn structures.
Custom carpentry and masonry, cozy fireplaces and screened porches create inviting country ambience.
The only real tricks to the job are careful planning and paying attention to proper carpentry procedures.
Among them are power tools commonly used in carpentry.

Famous quotes containing the word carpentry

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