carpaccio in a sentence

Example sentences for carpaccio

For dessert there's pear carpaccio with gingerbread ice-cream and meringue.
The menu begins with appetizers including calamari steak, sushi and carpaccio, and includes soup and salad choices.
Try the salad of roast pumpkin, feta cheese and poached egg followed by the tuna carpaccio with avocado.
Ride your little electric scooters, and eat your free salmon carpaccio.
The carpaccio version, translucent and interesting, almost worked.
Look for swordfish carpaccio, chestnut flour tagliatelle with sausage and wild fennel and stuffed wild boar.
You'll find two in this week's column, a halibut tartare and salmon carpaccio.
Among appetizers are a good lentil soup and tuna carpaccio with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon.
There, sea asparagus was served with moi carpaccio and fresh truffle soy vinaigrette.
Part of this has to do with an upswing in the consumption of sushi, carpaccio, sashimi and ceviche.
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