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Carp in the office of the chairman at the end of year.
Often she continued to lurk, roiling the mud to conceal herself and basking in her own scaled beauty, as carp will.
The feeding cycle of the paddlefish is slower than that of the carp.
Carp were brought here to be farmed, or to solve other problems.
But the utterly addictive exercise will give you a growing appreciation for the verb carp.
With diligence and perseverance anything is possible, for carp as well as for collectors.
Landscapers built a lagoon for koi carp and swans that would be sustained with reclaimed wastewater generated by guests.
Residents say algae-eating silver carp introduced with great fanfare this year have died.
He has found retailers who will buy all the carp he can catch.
But these species, such as carp and gobies, compete with and feed upon native species.
Praying mantises on the tile roof by the carp pond and garden at this night's ryokan.
Also outstanding are dumplings, honey-glazed spareribs, chicken with walnuts in brown sauce and braised whole carp with bean curd.
Carp cleared the bases with a deep double to center.
The critters-a profusion of different varieties and sizes from tiny turtle to giant carp-must make do with close quarters.
While some may carp, none has been able to match its instant global brand recognition.
While the shrimpers carp, the anglers get their way.
But the main purpose of this post is not to carp, but to ask.
Elitists may carp, but the truth is that they are no longer quite so elite.
Also interesting are the thick curls of carp skin, cooked and chilled chilled so that they have an almost crunchy snap.
The river also offers fishing for carp, northern pike and catfish.
Although carp can tolerate polluted waters, they prefer clean waters.

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