carousing in a sentence

Example sentences for carousing

Years of carousing in brothels with literary boon companions followed.
There's an aspect of them that's a caricature, always drinking and carousing.
In the second place, the crew is permitted to go carousing the night before it takes off.
Instead of carousing in karaoke bars, he had tried to set up his own business.
After a late night of carousing, you can call a cab quickly and painlessly.
Do not allow school buses or other vehicles such as delivery trucks to idle on school grounds and discourage carousing.
Unfortunately, these crews contained drifters, lookin g to earn a buck between seasons of carousing.
When the railroad reached town the crews went wild drinking, celebrating, and carousing.
They are drinking and carousing and think every day a holiday.
On horseback, galloping about and carousing at this rancho and that.
There are the carousing party who broke my rest last night.
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