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Carnivorous tigerfish had braved the poisoned streams and were feeding on flesh that had fallen into the water.
Carnivorous bottom feeders, eating mostly fish and invertebrates.
Sea hares feed on algae, while nudibranchs are all carnivorous.
The farming of carnivorous fish also involves the use of feed made from other fish species caught in the wild.
Carnivorous plants chomp down on insects in unusual ways.
Around the world carnivorous plants are on the decline, the victims of habitat loss, illegal poaching and pollution.
Carnivorous lunches with one of his brothers represent a brief but regular weekday reprieve for him.
Aquatic carnivorous bladderworts catch prey with suction traps.
After all, many carnivorous animals devour their prey alive.
The warm blooded carnivorous types come in many different shapes, sizes and colors.
Large carnivorous animals both hunt and scavenge food.
Grab a set and grow your own collection of feared and famous carnivorous plants.
Carnivorous plants evolved in part because flora growing in nutrient-poor environments needed a way to supplement their diets.
Importantly, that elevated iridium level immediately precedes the first known footprints of large, carnivorous dinosaurs.
If the movie succeeded in doing anything, it was accurately portraying my favorite carnivorous dinosaur.
Theropods were a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that walked on two legs.
Previous studies indicate that similar carnivorous dinosaurs may have practiced cannibalism out of necessity.
West is every centimeter a carnivorous military beast.
He was fantasizing about dinner, his pent-up carnivorous impulses breaking through his reputed meatless resolve.
The coloring of these carnivorous mollusks comes from the foods they eat.
Pickerel is a carnivorous freshwater fish, a member of the pike family.
At last, a safe aquaculture method for carnivorous fish.
Or perhaps, a warning sign to other carnivorous tapir variations seeking escape signs when those who prey upon them approach.
Imaginations really run wild with the carnivorous, blood-sucking vampire bat, as well.
That's important because the prevailing theory had been that the humans who lived there were primarily carnivorous.
The plants, popularly known as tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups, are carnivorous.
Although the smell is repulsive to people, it attracts flies and other insects, which the carnivorous plant then feeds upon.
Watch for the carnivorous pitcher plants that grow on the steeper slopes.
What's shocking to me is that they're continuing these visits with animals that are known to be carnivorous.
It is also home to a number of other species of carnivorous plants, less famous and more widespread but no less bizarre.
Domestic cats remain largely carnivorous, and have evolved a simple gut appropriate for raw meat.
Then, carnivorous fish and invertebrates would multiply and feed on the herbivores.
He found crocodile tooth marks on one bone of a carnivorous dinosaur.
It apparently evolved independently in two different lineages of carnivorous mammals.
Unlike many other carnivorous species, spotted hyenas do not mark their territory by lifting their legs and peeing.
We know their diet was not identical to ours, and that they were much more carnivorous.
It seems animals became fair game, so to speak, for any that chose to become carnivorous.
All cephalopod mollusks with three hearts are carnivorous, but only one type living in temperate waters is deadly to humans.
The main predators of this shrew are carnivorous mammals and birds found in the area.
Taurine has been demonstrated to be conditionally indispensable for several carnivorous fish species.
Once the disease is eliminated from the deer, the disease should die out in the carnivorous and omnivorous species.

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