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Forget flying cars and the carnage they would wreak.
Property may be destroyed, but human carnage is averted.
The corporate overlords would profit mightily off the carnage wreaked by faulty products flooding our villages and homes.
Only fifty yards away from the carnage the springbok graze unconcerned.
And it was a way of acknowledging that they were inescapably agents of war's carnage.
The carnage came about when a few of the animals decided to go their own way.
The park's tigers are fed chunks of meat dangled from a tour bus so sightseers can view the staged carnage up close.
Meanwhile proponents seek locations and designs that will reduce airborne carnage.
But one problem in gauging the full scope of the carnage is that researchers have almost no idea how many bats there are.
You'd want to immediately eject the crew capsule away from the carnage.
Yet amid this carnage there is one thing that, surprisingly, has continued to grow: the paycheck of the average worker.
But her sad fate belongs to the history of a monarchy littered with carnage and carnality.
We get the point: the concern for a wonderful animal partly redeems the carnage.
The statistics of carnage, however, are only a small part of terror's achievement.
His career was launched with visions of the carnage.
Rubbernecking is almost unavoidable, but stopping to scrutinize the carnage is certainly unwarranted.
They were absolutely revolting and featured gory scenes of mindless carnage.
Part of my anxiety is due to the carnage scattered around.
The burial party was not only sickened by the carnage but feared further attacks.
Islanders say there was probably cannibalism, as well as carnage, and seem to think no less of their ancestors because of it.
There is no solid explanation as yet for such overwhelming carnage.
Here, on the quiet outskirts of a small town, it's difficult to imagine the carnage.
There is no telling what carnage the accidental detonation of a single one of the depot's nearby munitions could cause.
The three remaining salmon swim slowly through the carnage.
Even if it's widely dispersed, it could still be enough to cause carnage.
It was a time when appalling carnage and tremendous natural disturbances occurred hand in hand.
Prototype urges players to create as much carnage as possible.
The city has been substantially leveled and the carnage continues.
She already had the sound muted, she said, but had to turn her head to avoid the scenes of carnage.
As a result, only the foolish or the daring rush in to add to the carnage.
Others need to learn from it if they are to stop the carnage.
Yet, amid all the carnage, questions remain about the seriousness of the outbreak.
There he witnessed the fire, soot, and carnage firsthand.
His speech, for good or ill, would pick its way through the carnage.
Commuting is a health and psychological hazard, not to mention the carnage and wasted time on our over-clogged roads.
He lived only because he was buried under dead bodies, overlooked by the killers searching the carnage for signs of life.
Amid the carnage nature will appear a little less benign.
One was the day itself and all the resulting carnage.
On every level the view from the main stairways was of carnage and confusion.
The goal is to destroy an enemy's ability to make war, with minimal risk above and minimal carnage and destruction below.
But before civilian projects and political improvement could happen, wholesale carnage had to stop.
Not when he makes the argument that weak firearms regulations result in preventable carnage in the inner city.
The police and state militia did little to prevent the carnage.
However, if anything positive emerged from this carnage, it was the increased awareness of mental health issues.
He sped to the scene of the crash and, using his retirement badge, slipped past the heavy security surrounding the carnage.
Better trained officers and prosecutors are a necessary step to reducing the carnage on our nation's highways.
But the world's largest predators carry out their carnage far from the watchful eyes of trained observers.
And so at long last the carnage of war is to cease and the negotiation of the conference table is to begin.
We worship speedy transport at the price of vast carnage and maiming on our roads.
Written in the sixteenth century these lines reverberate in the context of twentieth century carnage.
We all have an obligation to see that this carnage ends.
Days later, the war over the roses ended in carnage.
We struggle to recover from the thoughtless carnage of his tenure.
For agonizing minutes the carnage continues, until the soldiers' job is done and the pit smolders with an almost visible stench.

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