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The basic foundation of psychological health is trust from the original caretaker.
Since becoming the collection's official caretaker, she has reached out to specialists in metals, plastics and rubber.
As caretaker of the village's cremation ground, he claimed to have a license to dispose of the dead.
My father has been her primary caretaker and this has been adversely affecting his health as well.
From a ghostly bagpiper to a creepy caretaker to a haunted hound, restless spirits abound.
Now retired, he spends his time with his caretaker and enjoys swimming and walking through the forests he once logged.
If the gate's not open, knock and the caretaker will let you wander the grounds.
How these two peoples-the destined parvenu and the doomed caretaker of a continent-would have interacted is a potent mystery.
We backed up and followed the gravel road to a small caretaker shack.
Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts not only about seizure response dogs, but also about my former caretaker.
Katrina survivors' caretaker charged in abduction.
The president stood down as head of the caretaker government that had been supposed to oversee the elections.
So any technocratic caretaker should prepare for urgent elections that could produce a government for reform.
The caretaker prime ministers are broadly popular and generally regarded as sincerely committed to reform.
Voting was suspended and a caretaker government was appointed to root out corruption.
In a democracy the government is a general service caretaker of the nation in the first place.
The next government is then nothing more than a caretaker of a going concern.
It's really a mausoleum, and he is both caretaker and corpse.
Therefore his brain is being primed to be a caretaker.
Families with a caretaker on maternity leave receiving little or no pay.

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