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Example sentences for carelessness

Candidates have been eliminated because of such carelessness.
In an age of spell check and grammar check, errors reflect a carelessness that could be significant.
So consider the potential carelessness of other people, as well as your own, when considering what could go wrong.
It's usually carelessness that leads to all those babies anyway.
The devil is in the detail, which often shows carelessness or worse.
He has been accused of carelessness and wilfulness in rime, perhaps unfairly.
So you can readily see that this withdrawal of the censor does not in itself signify rank carelessness.
The pertinent mode of laxity cannot be equated, evidently, with simple carelessness or inattention to detail.
The third is lost property: objects that the owner has parted with through neglect or carelessness.
People who have mishandled these snakes have been left with gushing open wounds for their carelessness.
If this is not tacit approval, it is remarkable carelessness.
It certainly, if somewhat ironically, demonstrates the regime's fealty to his carelessness about money.
But smugness can breed complacency, and complacency carelessness.
The latter offers extreme privacy but with an unthinkable penalty for carelessness.
He has alienated libertarians with his carelessness for civil rights.
Police have better things to worry about the carelessness of an individual from the get go.
Please omit the sixth paragraph, which was added by my carelessness.
Those imprudent ancestors have become symbols for mankind's short-sighted carelessness with his environment.
They became blind shortly after birth through the ignorance or carelessness of those who attended them.
She attempts to hold down several jobs, but messes them all up through insolence and carelessness.
The blaze was caused by his own carelessness while wantonly pursuing the married neighbor.
He's basically decent but can't help sliding into trouble out of carelessness.
Carelessness with the special responsibilities of prosecutor and judge is how wrongful convictions happen.
They are caused by lack of planning for the situation and plain carelessness.
It is easy to chalk that up to simple human carelessness.
They have exhibited astounding carelessness and cruelty in their depiction of my father and my entire family.
Human carelessness with food and garbage is attracting bears to populated areas and putting them at risk.
The reasons are almost always carelessness, a faulty appliance or tool, or a lack of knowledge about how electricity works.
It also means people may be injured and thousands of dollars of property damage may result because of carelessness.
Both operators and supervisors may be cited for such things as carelessness, inadequate supervision, and violation of procedures.
Yet, carelessness or deliberate fraud can occur which may cause inaccuracy or poor quality at the pump.
Often one-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by rider inexperience or carelessness.
Remedial strategies were developed to clarify response categories and minimize errors due to carelessness.
Space heaters, candles and carelessness in cooking can also create a potential for fire, authorities say.
Often these conflicts are a result of human carelessness, especially with food.
Other mistakes appear to be the result of simple carelessness, which concerns us greatly when animals lives are at stake.

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