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If resources are carelessly managed, many will be used up.
So firing phosphorus weapons carelessly in a civilian area, or deliberately targeting civilians, could step over the line.
Fires ignited carelessly under hot and dry conditions, can often and should be prevented.
We are supposed to neither cling ruthlessly to the old, nor jump carelessly to the new.
The public has a right to know who is playing so carelessly with the well-being of posterity.
Make the drivers test difficult, take away license when someone is caught driving dangerously or carelessly.
After consumption, the nutrients are carelessly flushed into our waterways, eventually finding its way to our oceans.
The writer uses them to advance his narrative and carelessly drops them when they have performed their function.
They're overbearing, carelessly told, and gang-written into incomprehensibility.
Your column carelessly insinuates that the coaches whose players have died are at fault for those deaths.
Imagine a group of observers scattered carelessly throughout the cosmos.
From the beginning, the equidistance result was carelessly interpreted by a tautology, the constant mutation rate.
It is that both set the consensus aside so carelessly.
He survived the war, the camps and abdominal cancer that was carelessly treated.
To help these children, please don't permanently take their life stories away from them carelessly except as a last resort.
As in the children's game, one stick carelessly removed could bring the whole structure down.
Taking letters of introduction should never be done carelessly, because of the obligation that they impose.
The two others are carelessly formed of seven riming couplets, and the lines are not of ten but of twelve or fourteen syllables.
He seldom wore a coat in summer, and his rumpled shirt bulged out carelessly over the belt of his trousers.
But a more acute and often overlooked poisoning danger to dogs, especially, is carelessly stored pesticides.
Two coats hanging carelessly from hooks sunk into faded aquamarine wallpaper.
She'd undressed carelessly the night before, though, there having been no one to put her to bed but herself.
Laws are in place to make sure that federal and state projects don't carelessly destroy cultural resources.
Practice fire safety habits and step in when others act carelessly.
Those include failing to comply with air traffic control instructions and clearances and operating carelessly and recklessly.
Remember, injured people should never be moved carelessly.
Otherwise someone else could carelessly move the crane and hook some valuable equipment.
Although pesticides can be useful, they also can be dangerous if used carelessly or not are stored properly.
When disposed of carelessly, the toxic materials inside the electronics can be harmful to both people and the environment.
Unfortunately, chemists throw around bond lengths, and the sizes of molecules much too carelessly.
Household items such as bleach can result in harmful chlorine gas or hydrochloric acid if carelessly used.
Digging carelessly can cause disruption of vital utility services and environmental damage, or even loss of life.
Some of the major causes of house fires is using a stove or cooking appliance carelessly or improperly.
The spines present on the pectoral fins can deliver a painful sting if this fish is handled carelessly.
Shaky camera shots, poorly recorded audio or carelessly edited.
Currently, it is commonly sold for water gardens, and can establish if carelessly discarded into a water body.
Many marine animals die because they become entangled in carelessly discarded monofilament line.
Treated carelessly, it can become an explosive monster.
He didn't think much of the designated meat-makers, since one of them had carelessly tossed his loaded musket into a wagon.

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