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Example sentences for carefully

Academics considering the expat life should think about these questions carefully.
The ruler's sacred power, which radiated out over the city, was symbolized by this carefully laid-out city plan.
Ideas were carefully sketched out, and the insects were arranged into the desired configurations.
Carefully chosen wines can flavor a variety of dishes.
Put the empty frame on top of this carefully glue or screw this frame to the one below.
Honors colloquia, community service learning, and carefully guided research projects add to the invigorating mix.
When markets are that small, punters should watch carefully for signs of manipulation.
Have students look carefully at the picture and the text.
Please read the article carefully before posting nonsense.
The driver would have had to carefully navigate around horses and people to avoid sending them into a panic.
When asked to provide a reference, consider your answer carefully.
With silhouettes, each shape must be carefully defined, with no two shapes overlapping.
They'll probably wish they'd read more carefully if they did.
Each item is carefully coded to help visitors understand the items history and significance.
If you make a mistake, carefully lift and reposition.
Few, if any, of the carefully considered descriptions that your office has developed will appear in those paragraphs.
But the alchemists had to tread carefully between applause as wizards on the one hand, and accusations of witchcraft on the other.
Before you turn another page of this magazine, consider your actions carefully.
When applying any herbicide, read the label carefully and follow the directions exactly.
As you pursue a graduate degree, think carefully about why you want it.
All the more reason to debate it carefully and coolly.
If the water level is too high, carefully pour off some of the water.
Parole boards should listen carefully before making up their minds because of the apparent unreliability of these accounts.
Triceratops' original skull and a few other carefully preserved bones are also on display alongside the replica.
Insert the tip of a paring knife into the tip of the pit and carefully pry pit out.
How closely and carefully will obviously vary from one place to the next.
The attacks were carefully planned and synchronised.
Ask students to look carefully at the mountain landscape they see in the pictures.
But, here's another study carefully poring over the evidence and showing it to be the case.
The ivories are white, all bloodstains now carefully removed.
Materials throughout this house were chosen carefully to maximize light, durability, and ease of cleaning.
Twirl your fingers to land as many aircraft as you can while carefully avoiding collision.
And then you see the hands for the first time, after carefully unwrapping.
Before anything big and important can be decided, the ground must first be carefully prepared.
Snowmelt from mountain peaks and scant summer rains feed the region's carefully maintained system of irrigation channels.
While little may now be known about its historical contribution to the global climate, it should be carefully examined.
Shipwrecked and frustrated explorers were carefully debriefed as they washed ashore.
The fountain's spherical shape is echoed by a trio of orbs carefully placed on the deck in the background.
However, the rewards of savings and carefully tended investments can be more modest and tangible.
Carefully scanning the ice for lurking polar bears, a ringed seal surfaces to catch a breath of air.
Our study carefully controlled for smoking and other possible confounding factors.
Everybody knows that chewing your food carefully is part of good table manners.
We have a big snail population snacking on our carefully tended leafy vegetables.
As this spectacular video points out, people who work with the fascinating metal must choose their fire extinguishers carefully.
Think carefully about your knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Shearer now carefully inspects every tree before cutting and has been using metal detectors to check every trunk being processed.
Even the studies touting the benefit of statins need to be read carefully.
UN troops have provided engineering help and heavy equipment to carefully uncover buried artwork.
Many admissions offices now use new technologies to broadcast their carefully choreographed messages.
New software is often carefully calculated to reduce the value to consumers of the previous version.
The skeletons inside are carefully lined and wrapped in sheets.
Watkins' writing gifts are on display throughout this carefully researched book.
No matter how carefully you remove plants from their containers and place them in the ground, some root hairs will break.
We find them by wandering over the surface and looking carefully.
Though ground covers are tough, they'll grow and spread more quickly if you prepare the planting area carefully.
The flights are carefully thought out, with generous pours.
Carefully note what they do when they reach the ground again after crossing the obstruction.
Carefully remove the stencil and dispose of the excess flour.
Spin in a salad spinner or dry carefully between towels, or else you'll have a bowl of sogginess.
The trick, say experts, is to book a discounted berth and budget carefully for the extras.
Before planting this tree, carefully consider its disadvantages.
Read the label of any such product carefully to determine which weeds it kills and which ornamental plants it leaves unaffected.
They carefully put the eggs in a new nest and cordon it off.
Before removing the pods, carefully place plastic bags over them.
Align it precisely with the center of the opening and carefully slide it straight down into place.
Carefully cut to fit baskets, they make nearly seamless liners.
Carefully pour hot saffron liquid over rice and scatter chorizo on top.
Mark and cut carefully so the angle iron will be level.
Spray on a dry day and follow label directions carefully.
Dig carefully to avoid bruising or cutting the tubers.
The winged shape and the ample width of the counter are carefully chosen to create intimacy without a feeling of claustrophobia.
Carefully push the object into the clay, then remove.
All writing, including that done by staff reporters, is carefully edited.
But all the stone had been carefully stabilised before his work began.
Even the distribution of the seeds is carefully controlled.
Consider carefully what you might want to do in five years or so.
Now the question is: how to find these carefully stashed treasures.
Carefully turn the vest inside out so that the store logo is on the inside, and you're ready for transformation.
Style can be expressed naturally, or thought out carefully.
Genes for resistance thus spread through the population unless such drugs are used carefully and sparingly.
The straps have been carefully positioned-and cushioned-to minimize rubbing, while medial posting combats pronation.
Each submission is read carefully before being forwarded to the appropriate editor.
But odds are good that you'll get addicted to exploring each level carefully to find all the cleverly buried treasure.
On a lightly floured surface, carefully roll out the dough to a thickness of one-eighth inch.
The cover letter is an opportunity to show how well one writes and how carefully and succinctly one can articulate one's ideas.
Most of all, they need to listen carefully to their customers, paying close attention to what they do and don't want.
Next, have students carefully pour half of the oil substance into the water.
Still, few jurisdictions have carefully tried to get eyewitness identifications right.
It seems to have been nothing less than a carefully managed disinformation campaign.
Baseball has a rich tradition of carefully constructed heckles.
Organizations should carefully gather information on why people are not leaving when they are eligible for retirement.
Her arguments are plots more than carefully reasoned proofs.
As a result, these people do not have much reason to manage their resources carefully.
Generally a good article, however one statement is worth clarifying carefully.
Being forced to choose your weapons carefully adds to the strategic challenge.
When the gelatin is completely dissolved, remove the vanilla pod from the pot and carefully pour the vanilla cream into ramekins.
It is important that provisions of both be carefully coordinated.
There she stands, slowly lifting her arm aloft and holding it aloft with a carefully studied gesture.
If he tells you something is all wrong and has to be changed, listen carefully to the criticism.
The art would be having the eye that observes carefully and you can see balance and symmetry, shape and form.
It wouldn't get used, it would be carefully kept as a decorative item.
Conservationists have had to think more carefully about which animals to move, and how to move them.
He sprints over to the hawk as she thrashes, thoroughly trussing herself, and carefully extracts her.
The orangutans carefully open the packets and sprinkle salt on their noodles.
As the convention drew near, he copied the whole on connected sheets, carefully revising every line and sentence.
Carefully put in with a spoon the number of eggs desired, covering them with water.
In every case, the ideal carefully avoided any appearance of thoroughness outside the domestic arts.
Several slight punctures and incisions were made on both his arms, and the matter was carefully inserted, but no disease followed.
There are rituals, carefully constructed for the living, to process the dead.
As jolting and dissonant as the songs were, they were also carefully shaped.
All the same, the government has timed the reform carefully to coincide with the approach of the annual long summer holidays.
She also selects buyers carefully, preferring a patron who is willing to donate works to a museum.
So firms need to monitor carefully the ways in which people are working towards their goals.
Look carefully, though, and much of today's gloom is as overdone as the military metaphors that now pepper the currency debate.
Then, as water was needed in the summer, it would be slowly and carefully melted into the reservoir.
Astronomers therefore have difficulty looking both carefully and comprehensively.
His empirical work was novel and carefully executed.
Moreover, at the end of its life, wood that has been treated with preservatives in this way needs to be disposed of carefully.
But this argues for acting quickly and carefully, rather than doing nothing.
Often, these manipulations are carried out in closed chambers at carefully maintained pressures and temperatures.
Subsequently bureaucrats, their pensions happily financed by such taxes, could prepare carefully graded rationing schemes.
For the moment, this need mean little more than some carefully chosen words.
Wise hedge-fund managers carefully limit the amount of money they take in.
Your time for questions at a preliminary interview will be limited, so you will want to choose your questions more carefully.
After reading carefully for a while to get a sense of the conversation, begin posting occasional, well-thought-out messages.
Look each vita over carefully, noting the elements you find substantively interesting.
Don't jump on the first job, but carefully consider the options.
His sentences unspool slowly, the words carefully considered.
If you are in a top program and will be applying for major fellowships, think carefully.
Suffice it to say that this is not the moment at which you want to discover that your carefully laid backup plan isn't working.
To see why the later is more important, think carefully.
These factors should be carefully controlled in the statistical evaluation of result data.
Authorities were carefully watching levees set up around some communities to hold back floodwaters.
If you look carefully, you will notice that the relatively flat bottoms of clouds are always a little grayer than their sides.
The solution, they say, is to close off a few carefully selected avenues to limit all that to-and-fro.
Then they realized that carefully controlled delamination could be applied to make elastic electronics.
Astronauts and crews are carefully selected, trained, and monitored to minimize risks and to promote health and safety.
But look carefully at the information that finds it's way into publication.
Only after they have carefully accounted for and subtracted off these effects will optical lift have possibly been demonstrated.
The price and amount of ingredients varies widely so read labels carefully.
The stimulus had the perfect pork earmark to be paid by taxpayers and carefully spun to benefit the people who lived close by.
If you want to criticize some group of academics, pick your target carefully and learn their language.
Please read carefully before you jump to your conclusions.
Carefully apply your glue and trim any you don't need.
It also manages to engender endless fascination, thanks to a carefully orchestrated aura of mystery.
Head to the page to see the results, carefully calibrated using a tape measure.
Where traditional learning is based on the execution of carefully graded challenges, accidental learning relies on failure.
In the consumer electronics business, new products are announced frequently and their introduction has to be managed carefully.
The same illusion can be pulled off by cleverly photographing a carefully built sculpture.
To put the sleeves back on, there's no need to try to line everything up carefully.
Ask students to look carefully at their charts and to describe the similarities they notice between the two civilizations.
Ask students to look carefully at their maps and predict where they think pirates would have wanted to focus their energies.
Monsoon seasons can turn a year on the road into a year in the mud, so plan carefully.
Ask students to look carefully at the maps they have drawn.
All researchers agreed that the mummy was carefully and extensively embalmed.
He carefully aimed his tranquilizer gun at the tiger.
With the egg tucked carefully between its feet and belly, the bird huddles together with other males for warmth.
Ask students to look carefully at their maps and describe the patterns they show.
Other inputs and fish density are also carefully limited to avoid compromising water quality or degrading the environment.
Listen carefully and you should be able to distinguish the different choruses, according to experts.
Hogan showed me one: a human stick figure and three stair steps carefully pecked into a pink boulder.
For me, that means a small, carefully packed piece that can be grabbed at a moment's notice.
Many space objects experience a carefully controlled demise.
Monitor the temperature in the house extra carefully.
Encourage students to carefully consider both the costs and benefits of this topic while debating.
The green lawns were carefully mowed around the precise square and rectangle ruins.
They raised a layer of dripping slush and examined it carefully.
But read the fine print carefully, because each policy is slightly different.
To get started, think carefully about what each member of your family likes to do.
Carefully open the pan with the lid facing away from you.
Carefully calculate travel expenses to ensure you set aside the total cost of the vacation.
Therefore, you will have to carefully select who you will discuss your plans with.
Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo.
There was the paper, the carefully rendered dinosaur caught in mid-roar.
May have many acquaintances but makes his friends carefully.
They carefully segregated the bags on two shelves of a walk-in refrigerator.
Which, if you were listening carefully, also had a familiar ring.
Everything here is cooked carefully, seasoned precisely, and presented beautifully.
Carefully pour hot caramel mixture onto parchment and carefully cover with another sheet.
To achieve perfect layers in your rolls, carefully arrange each ingredient and wrap the rice paper tightly.
Keeping skin intact and pieces of chicken whole or in large pieces, carefully remove bones from meat, discarding bones.
Roy carefully began to paint his walls bright yellow.
Happily, readers looking for a more carefully annotated collection of hip-hop lyrics can turn to an unlikely source: a rapper.
He picked her up and carefully set her on the desk, then fumbled in the drawer for an inkpot.
His life has been a series of carefully staged experiences.
Even then, their interviews were full of cautious pauses and carefully chosen words.
My book has two basic lessons for those who read it carefully.
Because unmarried mothers select stepfathers more carefully than live-in boyfriends, boyfriends can be even more of a problem.
To efficiently convert light into electricity, organic cells currently require two carefully interlaid polymers.
The gray mesh is the enzyme's active site, its geometry carefully crafted to hold the substrate in place.
They were carefully examined for impurities or potential dangers, and then injected into one eye in each patient.
Choosing a file format carefully can mitigate the problem, but only somewhat.
Another problem with the capability-based system is that it requires users to think carefully about security.
The building is carefully oriented so that prevailing winds direct outside air into the building in both winter and summer.
When the number exceeds that limit, they drive more carefully.
In my opinion this means to continue on the road of daring to push democracy carefully and start investing in innovation.
We ought to check carefully whether greenhouse gas emissions really would be reduced by going nuclear.
Have to read carefully and pay close attention to every step in the process.
But there are other consequences that are less carefully looked at.
Our muscles in the mouth, tongue, and throat must all twitch in carefully timed choreography.
Glia also listen carefully to their neighbors, and they speak in a chemical language of their own.
And since each type can only be recycled with its own kind, plastics need to be carefully sorted before they can be processed.
She picks up each box, sniffs it carefully, and jots something on a pad of paper.
They exposed more of the fossil from its limestone slab and carefully compared its skeleton with those of snakes and lizards.
He carefully places them side by side on his desk and then points out the obvious.
Chevy got around this problem by carefully managing how the battery pack is charged and discharged.
If you look carefully, you can see arc-shaped features all over the place.
Cheese food is a carefully designed concoction based on some complicated chemistry.
He washed them carefully with acetic acid, sealed them with a preservative, and pieced them together into a recognizable skeleton.
The measurement is not as easy as it seems because there are pesky backgrounds that have to be carefully taken into account.
Anonymity certainly has a place, but that place needs to be designed carefully.
Its owner, a local doctor, was carefully managing the access to his fossil to fuel a bidding war for his entire fossil collection.
Not so much a fan as someone who chooses his project projects carefully so that he can recoup and have somebody finance his hobby.
Having even a crude map in advance of the encounter will help scientists plan their limited time more carefully.
Carefully but critically, for it's simply not an option to be totally faithful to a fat novel.
The secret is a first-year curriculum that is carefully designed to inspire repeated, meaningful interactions among its students.
Supporters say this is a fix with few costs, but it would have to be calibrated carefully.
They carefully charted the secret family ties, linking odd bits of evidence to reveal criminal patterns.
Such carefully planned research yielded illuminating results.
It is the result of more-prosaic interventions, from sturdier seats to more carefully placed emergency lights.
Woods' carefully scripted face-the-music moment won't change many minds by itself.
It may pay to remove the wood trim carefully to see if the narrow cavity is insulated.
Listen carefully to your partner's crazy suggestion.
Today is considered the day above all days for corned beef slowly and carefully cooked for hours to feed the whole family.
Carefully inspect holiday light strings yearly and discard any with frayed cords, cracked lamp holders or loose connections.
Avoid adverse reactions and sidestep hair-trigger tempers by carefully considering your words.
In this uncertain market, it's important to carefully evaluate your healthcare costs when making your annual enrollment decisions.
Please read the following instructions carefully before applying for any position.
Apply the contract-type order of precedence carefully.
It is important that you read each form carefully and follow the instructions.
Help children stay safe by supervising them carefully around all animals.
Carefully read the instructions below and on the next page.

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