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Some photographs are happy accidents, others the painstaking result of careful planning and even years of practice.
At the same time, be careful about undermining your own case.
In immigration reform, be careful what you wish for.
He can read and write-skills denied you-and takes careful notes about your journey.
But careful experiments reveal that it travels at a finite speed.
We can only place better ethical practices in specimen collection and use careful methods of procurement.
However, be careful with bulletin boards, and other services.
Sometimes you need to be careful about preaching what you practice.
Never uproot or cut wildflowers, and be careful not to trample the plants.
Be careful forming beliefs from things people say without proper evidence.
As long as you're careful not to spill, the computer can get you a great culinary education.
Suspicious, he took a careful look at the fellow's lab book.
Officials are careful to avoid calling the new effort a land reform, a policy that failed in the past.
Find out how these floating mountains of ice form, and learn why scientists keep a careful eye on them.
His objective was to display diatoms in a modern way using super contrast and careful application of color.
Be especially careful not to overwater in summer in hot desert regions.
Be careful what you write on social networking sites.
When they do, you should talk with your immediate supervisor, being careful to follow the chain of command.
The group has been careful not to make promises to project participants.
When it comes to watering, be careful and consistent.
If you've got lousy credit, be careful where you buy your car.
Anyone can acquire a gun, but everyone must be careful about what they say.
No matter what time of the year it is, careful driving on park roads where wildlife roam is a must.
These important medical uses of cloning technology urge us to be careful in our efforts to restrict cloning research.
Thirty-four percent have some idea that science has to do with experimental study, rigorous comparison and careful measurement.
You'll have to be careful you don't accidentally throw yours out with the recycling.
Careful construction of the search committee is an important element in a successful search.
If you use objects other than your main subject in the foreground, be careful of placement.
Also, be careful about any hidden, alternative motivations for opposing the fracture process as a whole.
But the startup is also careful not to overwhelm customers with foreboding information.
Gardens are ready-made objects of beauty, but photographing gardens takes some careful crafting.
There goes my boxes of careful separated packaging plastics and other boxes for the paper section.
Be careful not to overprocess or your rice will become mush.
All of it is given careful thought with an eye to bringing back audiences.
Getting good shots requires careful coordination with the staff.
Be careful but this will fix it and return you to full access.
In fact, the site's architecture is the result of centuries of careful construction and alignment.
Be careful about the amount of paint you buy so you aren't wasting.
We have a hardworking research staff that keeps careful track of a rapidly changing world in many ways.
We should always be careful of extrapolating trends out, of course.
He brought enough money from mama to last a few months, if he was careful.
Careful tracking of these individuals hasn't revealed any biological or behavioral problems with captive breeding and release.
The sun image seemed to jump from the pavement, and the careful lettering rose above the book's pages.
Mayor is careful to say that not all myths were inspired by fossils.
Colour is an added element of design that needs such careful consideration in a composition.
Then they add less salty water, being careful to keep the layers from mixing.
Ask students to pay careful attention to the pictures of the animals.
Unfortunately, even a short stay can break your bank if you are not careful.
Add meatballs and reheat slowly, careful not to bring the sauce to a boil.
He stands still for a few beats, careful not to look at the dolphin, and then returns to work.
When such children are subjected to careful medical examination, rarely is an organic cause found.
He was always careful to keep his torch pointed at the floor if he was there at night and to leave no trace of his visit.
Dozens of casualties taught them to be more careful.
If you're not careful in disposing of the nuisances, you may find unwanted plants in the garden next year.
The careful eye can tease out paisleys of color and form.
Both universities admitted that careful readers would probably realize that the comments are not authentic.
The third fix is the more careful use of cooling systems.
Be careful you don't transfer any undissolved crystals into the sterilizing solution you are preparing.
The key to a perfectly-paced meal is careful planning.
Again, be careful of the local wildlife, for your own safety and theirs.
Be careful not to do permanent damage when removing the cover.
Still, there is a risk that these careful leaders will eventually lose control of the street.
Minimalist art isn't always easy to read, so careful consideration has to be paid to what visual elements are there before you.
Often this can mean rapid progress toward your degree, but be careful.
Some composed careful tableaux of empty clothing and abandoned dinners.
The chemical requires careful handling, because as a pyrophoric, it catches fire when exposed to air.
He has moved briskly but has been careful to keep investors informed about the central bank's operations.
And you have to be careful not to lose water in the operation.
Even so, you've got to be careful when handling the thing.
The autocratic businessman-turned-politician was careful to attach a personal brand to his popular policies.
Finally, after weeks of careful digging, the scientists peered through the ancient dust.
And then don't forget to be more careful in the days after you adjust your clocks.
Careful consideration of the examples above shows why.
When he looks at a flower, he knows exactly where to go and to then make the careful observations.
Ask students to keep careful lists of the similarities and differences among the threats.
The open floor plan and careful window placement eliminate the need for air-conditioning.
Hand-pick ripe apricots, being careful not to bruise the fruit.
Be careful about what foods you eat while traveling, and pay attention to how the food was cooked and stored.
Be careful when booking to avoid accidentally booking flights that don't allow a comfortable amount of time for connection.
Even when hotels are careful, perform inspections and keep rooms clean, bed bugs can still move in.
Visitors must be careful not to touch the butterflies or disturb their ecosystems, as both are fragile.
Ford is careful to use them as a sounding board when they make changes to their favorite car.
Living out of a suitcase for three weeks requires careful planning and strategic packing.
We're not absolutely sure because the camera operator is careful to keep the shot at shoulder level.
To safeguard this cycle, tribes were careful to place the bones of the season's first catch back in the river.
Companies, adhering to careful reclamation processes, mine coal in these mountains.
Be careful not to discuss departmental politics, your perceived inadequacies, or other inappropriate topics.
The researchers in the article were not careful--they don't even know the difference between reliability and validity.
Be careful not to sling questionable accusations about authorship.
Be careful at this point in the interview not to promise too much yourself.
Be careful to represent their interests before you take a personal stand.
Tell students that paleontologists make careful field observations, notes, and drawings when they discover and excavate a fossil.
Despite careful engineering, they can leak liquids into the groundwater.
But this would not happen before a careful study of their lineage.
We are all wearing our subway masks, everything from studied fatigue to careful blankness.
He's got to watch out for the paparazzi, be careful with his public image.
Its construction required careful coordination between nearly a dozen countries working through five space agencies.
The authors weren't so careful when they chose the other electrode, as they used silver, which can react with chlorine.
They are leery of unsolicited e-mail attachments, and careful about the web sites they visit.
Hopefully you're more careful than our friends across the pond.
Experts say careful planning of developments, homes and buildings can alleviate nearly all the contamination from urban runoff.
Careful measurements would be affected by the bands chosen for the experiment.
Of course, prevailing cosmological theory could be wrong, but this piece is careful to declare that as a predicate.
The rest is a series of careful local surgeries to intertwine these three pairs.
When you go to another country be careful who you ask directions from you could end up where you started from.
On careful consideration, some apparent mistakes come to seem deliberate and revealing.
We must be careful to understand research statistics, and know the difference between correlation and causation.
And be more careful about the definition of luxury expenditures.
But the vast majority are skilled professionals or managers who have been careful with their money.
The banning of commercial hunting, and careful management of the animals that were left, has changed all that.
Be careful not to put off a long overdue meeting as it could cause someone to go into an emotional tailspin.
But pro-lifers should be careful what they wish for.
Be careful not to let amiable discussion turn into contradiction and argument.
All people in the streets, or anywhere in public, should be careful not to talk too loud.
Malone made a careful investigation of the relative value of quartos and folios.
Careful observers of the art of writing will see how much shrewd skill there is in the apparently unstudied manner.
Cover decorations with aspic mixture, being careful not to disarrange the designs.
The two propositions themselves require careful handling.
He shows good judgment, and a careful study of the materials of his verse.
He was careful to employ his whole time in the exercises of piety, and the study of the holy scriptures and fathers.
More careful consideration shows, however, that this anxiety is unfounded.
With tears in your eyes you urged me to be careful of my reputation.
The law of benefits is a difficult channel, which requires careful sailing, or rude boats.
The breams are so careful of their charge that you may stand close by in the water and examine them at your leisure.
At no time was he especially careful to limit the construction of his sentences to two lines.
We had to treat him with cardiac medication and keep a careful watch on his vital signs.
As you get familiar with something and you think you've mastered it, you tend to get a little less careful.
Researchers keep a careful eye on the towering volcano, for good reason.
Careful, your political slant is showing through again.
He was a careful thinker, resistant to dogmatic answers, and a relatively sprightly writer as philosophers go.
Still, biologists who study plant signaling are careful not to overstate their results.
However, careful measurements seem to indicate the nebula is in fact in the cluster itself.
As usual, you have to be careful when looking at pictures of objects in space.
My guess is that without immunization and a careful diet he would be dead in a week.
So, let's get a little more careful about who chooses to bear children.
If we're not careful, our attempts to rectify that balance will only trigger another, even more destructive chain reaction.
Despite drawing a blank on the mystery, his group's careful fieldwork got a warm reception from the scientists.
She's careful not to get glue on the thorax, which might cause the butterfly to entangle itself in the antenna wire.
But even with careful selection of mates, we're all still part of a lottery.
Feist's new songs were quiet and careful, with no trace of confrontation.
He is also careful to avoid inflammatory language and politics.
At a checkpoint on the way, a policeman advises them to be careful.
It is this sort of careful criticism, rather than wholesale condemnation, that the industry needs.
He made a powerful case for reform, but was careful to distance himself from the idea of simple amnesty.
But be careful-that's when you can get shot by a sniper.
Down they go and out at street level, still at a careful run.
The careful listener, however, will detect a wide variety of power tools.
However, real estate can be a great way to diversify your portfolio if you are careful about it.
Today an artisan has to take careful, expensively slow steps to ensure that cream has flavor.
Perhaps not surprisingly, some of these claims have also reached the public without careful vetting by peers.
Be careful, as the chocolate should not get too hot.
He's received text messages from listeners cautioning him to be careful of what he says on the air.
Other airlines, too, have promised to be more careful.
Under careful stewardship, farm animals can be efficient converters of resources and valuable members of ecological communities.
Such errors seem to indicate a certain indifference to the careful research that should underlie historical fiction.
So the lesson here is that you have be careful when you try to export democracy.
Working from large cavity end, gently run your fingers between skin and meat to loosen skin, being careful not to tear skin.
Trim dark green fibrous parts from stem and base of artichoke with a sharp paring knife, being careful not to break off stem.
Keep rolling the dough, being careful not to wrinkle it.
Using oils or liqueurs can cause flare-ups, which shouldn't harm the fruit, but be careful of those fingers and eyebrows.
It was not a particularly difficult book, but it did require careful reading.
Careful with his words, he almost always turns down interviews.
Misses people he's never met, but always careful to appreciate the ones he has.
Her own letters she was careful to destroy whenever she could get hold of them.
The book's largest flaw is that it is not as careful and clear-eyed politically as it is economically.
Perhaps the premise which allows this needs more careful scrutiny.
But what mattered was working, and he was careful about his continuing ability to do so.
Clearly the president wishes to give the impression that he is a careful spender.
Still, no careful listener can doubt that race is an element in the new tone of presumptive insolence.
We were also careful to elide any recipes for developing a biological weapon.
They feared it would encourage premature decisions and their promulgation before careful review.
Without careful planning, however, certain bands could still end up jammed.
He's careful to point out that the economics are by no means certain at this point.
Reducing this noise required paying careful attention to all aspects of the system.
If you aren't careful, it's easy to lose all of this information at once.
The device owes its simplicity to the careful work of our engineers and to the complexity of the algorithm.
That's an interesting calculation that will need some careful testing.
It is a move that requires careful broad examination as it has potential of multiple derivative implications.
We must be careful to avoid letting it get in the way of our human relationships.
These folks were as careful as possible to monitor local temperatures and eliminate the possibility of thermally induced effects.
With careful planning and a new perspective, finances could change for the better during the year ahead.
His careful demeanor is evidence of phoniness rather than maturity and discipline.
Throughout the entire video, careful listeners will be able to hear a few birds chirping.
If you are careful when opening letters, you can use the envelopes again by simply putting a label over the original address.
Alas, the careful planning was nearly undone by an overwhelming tragedy that threw plans for the meeting into doubt.
Careful landscaping eliminates the need for pesticides and irrigation.
Be particularly careful if you see a motorist in the car.
Psychiatrists are careful to distinguish between addiction and dependence.

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