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Example sentences for carefree

They are extremely anxious when before they were carefree happy little tail waggers.
IT is not a carefree, happy-go-lucky, all-expenses-paid luxurious romp.
How quickly the mood has swung in financial markets, from carefree bullishness to deep pessimism.
Looks great, however, and will provide a carefree travel piece.
Nasturtiums are carefree creepers with a range of flower colors.
Nintendo promises that the game gets significantly more difficult, requiring more precise aim, after the first carefree worlds.
The elite can no longer enjoy the summer in the same carefree spirit as their parents did.
He thinks his carefree nature will allow him to adapt to the situation.
Tough, carefree shrubs may not be bothered by such intrusion, but less rugged individuals may be weakened.
The casual containers imposed their own style--clean, cheerful, carefree.
Scattering ourselves among the trees-glove-free and carefree, happy for such a beautiful day away from our desks.
There was little of the carefree style that marked his younger days-if a twenty-three-year-old can have younger days.
He wants his subjects to seem carefree and friendly, and perhaps they are.
To have a smooth, carefree trip and not be saddled with second guessing yourself on your cruise vacation, pack carefully.
But not everyone would be in the same carefree position.
For a long time, they lived an idyllic, carefree life.
The carefree spirit in his eyes is thoroughly crushed as he looks for his leg and can't find it.
One must either be carefree enough to think that nothing matters or intense enough to believe that everything does.
Better it is to behold them and the joy they bring to a natural, carefree, cosmopolitan lawn.

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