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Coronary angiography is usually done along with cardiac catheterization.
Lessons learned from newts, fish, and mutant mice could help humans repair cardiac damage.
The city's central hospitals reflect this growth, with new facilities springing up for cancer and cardiac care.
Normal cardiac artery walls are about a millimeter thick.
The entire history of my research career has revolved around lipid metabolism as it relates to overall cardiac health and disease.
Using a robotic biochip, scientists have identified genes involved in an important aspect of cardiac stress.
Myocardial biopsy is done during cardiac catheterization or similar procedure.
The whole drug-delivery system finishes up as an implantable device no bigger than a cardiac pacemaker.
Cardiac output is a major limiting factor for prolonged exercise.
Five cardiac patients will soon take part in the first artificial heart implant clinical trials.
Older people losing their jobs experience skyrocketing rates of depression and more cardiac disease.
As a heart nears the end of its useful life it often expands-a process known as congestive cardiac failure.
Increases in this response are a good sign for cardiac patients.
The idea is based on successful studies that used cortical cooling to treat survivors of strokes and cardiac arrest.
Franks has a family history of cardiac disease, and his father and two uncles died of heart attacks.
Patients suffering from cardiac arrests aren't sent to a podiatrist or a gynecologist or some generalist.
Such electrolyte imbalances can disrupt heart rhythms, thereby leading to cardiac arrest.
You're unconscious, suffering from cardiac arrest on the floor of a shopping mall.
There is a slight risk of complications with angioplasty and cardiac catheterization.
Scientists can visualize many ways that fat cells' chemical flood contributes to heart attacks, heart failure and cardiac arrest.
If you could climb five flights of stairs with your bad heart- you got cardiac care.
The rest of the time, the nurses consult monitors and watch for signs of cardiac arrest.
He seemed destined for even more glory in the field of cardiac genetics.
However, there is no evidence to date that identifies obstructive sleep apnea as an independent cause of cardiac events or stroke.
After they're in the bed, the first time they'll go into cardiac arrest and you can tap repeatedly to revive them.
Cardiac catheterization is used to study the various functions of the heart.
The best predictors of acute cardiac syndrome were age and living alone.
He died of cardiac arrest, a funeral home representative said.
Patients undergoing significant operations, such as major cardiac or transplant surgery, typically require general anesthesia.
He died of respiratory and cardiac arrest, a spokesman for the order said.
Another died shortly after exposure, likely due to cardiac arrest.
Custom-set pacing and sensitivity functions allow cycling at speeds that won't induce cardiac arrest.
It would also be interesting to know if there was a coincident cardiac arrest.
He died of cardiac complications while awaiting a heart transplant, a family spokesman said.
NC, died of cardiac arrest after riding an exercise bike and refusing liquids as he tried to lose six pounds.
Perhaps the best cardiac health insurance, however, is going to graduate school.
The superficial part of the cardiac plexus lies above its bifurcation, between it and the arch of the aorta.
The former is known as the area of superficial cardiac dulness, the latter as the area of deep cardiac dulness.
The same malfunction can provoke high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, or epilepsy.
But for cardiac wounds that time alone won't heal, science has made some major advances.
We had to treat him with cardiac medication and keep a careful watch on his vital signs.
Probably due to a lack of calcium, which helps sustain cardiac muscle contraction.
We previously looked at cardiac devices and brain imaging devices that mount on the internal tissues of the body.
He wants access to the data being collected inside his body by an implanted cardiac defibrillator.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
Tamoxifen is known to cause side effects such as cardiac abnormalities, retinal degradation, and blood clots.
He found that implanted cardiac devices are particularly vulnerable.
It is a cardiac ward of sorts: all of the pigs in the room have suffered heart attacks.
Each time you exhale, your brain sends a signal down the vagus nerve to slow the cardiac muscle.
It's still unclear whether the hormones caused the cardiac problems or were caused by them.
After a cardiac monitor indicates that the inmate's heart has definitively stopped, the inmate is declared dead.

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