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If the platform was covered in a slippery piece of card, the agama lost its footing and it leapt at the wrong angle.
Previously, commands had to be fed into a computer in batches, usually via a punch card or paper tape.
Make a card with windows that reveals messages and pictures.
Check their card to make sure they have the correct answers.
In the latter case you go to his office, and send in your card and the letter.
We must speak by the card, or equivocation will undo us.
In all instances a card and a stamped and directed envelope must be inclosed.
Keep track of your paint colors by dabbing one side of an index card with paint.
Board and card games can be a great first project, particularly for students.
Note that even if you elect to use the debit card, you may still be required to submit receipts to verify your purchases.
The annual report card for scholarship athletes was the best yet this year-but there's plenty of room for improvement.
Through data mining, the bank drew the conclusion that your credit card had been stolen.
Something as simple as a credit card can weaken self-control.
The annual report card on the state of the planet's species contains some sobering statistics.
The best way to get rid of charge card financial debt is to do it yourself, perhaps using a unsecured loan.
They do more than accept your junk-they actually pay you for it, in the form of a gift card or future-purchase discount.
Instead of a traditional card, send a science valentine and let someone smart do it for you.
In earlier drafts of the script, there was a plot line that involved a new form of credit card: your thumb.
The marginal cost of sending an e-card is close to zero-a few seconds of electricity.
E-Clear typically handles online payments by credit card for flights and holidays.
But he has one card up his sleeve: a growing popular frustration with the usual politics.
Most hotels require a valid credit card number to hold a reservation.
If you've already mastered the art of credit card churning, consider adding gift card churning to your repertoire.
The opportunity to purchase one dollar coins from the mint via credit card has now ended.
Except that the spades card is empty and the two jacks are both on the hearts card looking longingly into each other's eyes.
Three-card-monte hustlers attracted clumps of chumps eager to part with their money.
Anything remotely pleasurable, from drinking to card playing, was forbidden.
We were directed to a large, desolate room filled with metal folding chairs and card tables stacked against the walls.
He borrowed his mom's credit card to buy server space.
It'll still crash from a bug, or display nonsense if there's a bad video card driver.
After the card is swiped, the user submits his signature using the touchscreen.
If you worry that one day someone will steal your credit card number, protection may be on the way.
Does anyone have a video card that runs the latest games at the highest settings smoothly.
Even receiving such an enigmatic card pleased me immensely.
The knowledge came ordered into standard categories which could be pursued through a card catalog and into the pages of the books.
His henchmen played a final desperate card, unleashing loyalist plainclothes saboteurs to create an atmosphere of chaos.
But there is an exception to the rule: these days, credit-card companies are trying to get rid of customers.
Each four-card trick is taken by the highest card in the suit led, or else by the highest trump.
But there's one group for whom forgiveness has not been forthcoming: ordinary consumers struggling with piles of credit-card debt.
Three out of four wild-card matchups being repeats of last weekend's games doesn't help.
The plot was trite, more an extended greeting card than a story.
Out of his wallet he flicked a name card sharp enough to cut your fingers with and placed it on the table.
The magician and his apprentice are believers in the deep and narrow art of closeup card magic.

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