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Example sentences for carcinogens

Most of those victims are smokers, who inhale cancer-causing substances called carcinogens with every puff.
They can be low in toxins, including carcinogens and reproductive toxins, as proven by product testing.
On the extreme scale, some products contain toxins that are designated carcinogens.
But unlike cigarettes, these devices contain virtually no cancer-causing carcinogens, according to their distributors.
Bracken fern does indeed contains carcinogens, that much is clear.
New cells replace destroyed cells, but the new cells do not produce enough acid to protect against carcinogens.
But when people eat a lot of fiber, their stool is bulkier and so carcinogens would be diluted.
The really harmful substances are the burnt carcinogens in tobacco, not the nicotine.
Businesses at the time didn't cut the tops off mountains and let the carcinogens run down stream.
Fear of a scratch from playing dodge ball and fear of carcinogens.
Both ignored cancer prevention and the influence of industrial carcinogens.
The chemicals found in the newborns included known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and neurotoxins.
Also, coffee has a diuretic effect that might keep the carcinogens flowing along, so to speak.
For decades, diesel trucks and buses have spewed large amounts of soot, smog-causing gases and carcinogens into the air.
Red meat should be severely restricted, as they contain carcinogens.
Arsenic, radon and chromium are carcinogens, uranium and cadmium can damage kidneys and manganese might have neurological effects.
Diesel exhaust also contains several carcinogens and other toxic substances.
When chlorine oxidizes a pathogen it breaks down into known carcinogens.
Two sharks had multiple tumors, suggesting they were genetically susceptible or exposed to extremely high levels of carcinogens.
Many cycads contain carcinogens or neurotoxins or both.
Likely candidates include such recognized or suspected carcinogens as benzene and formaldehyde.
Incomplete combustion of ethanol produces carcinogens and ethanol can't be easily transported as it is corrosive.
They also contain nitrosamines, known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.
But until now, it wasn't clear how quickly the carcinogens became absorbed.
Researchers find that many natural chemicals are carcinogens.
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