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We've seen carbonation in bottles after a week, but in general it takes two weeks for beer to carbonate fully.
In reefs, all the builders die: the bricks are calcium carbonate shells.
The key ingredient is limestone, mostly calcium carbonate, the remains of shelled marine creatures.
The chalk is mostly calcium carbonate from coccoliths, the skeletal remains of plankton and algae.
The team studied the saturation levels of aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate that drops as acidity of seawater rises.
If the level of carbonate ions falls too low the shells can dissolve or might never be made at all.
Shelled creatures, whose calcium-carbonate-rich armour tends to dissolve in acid, suddenly became rare.
Carbonate building in seawater depends in carbonate saturation.
Corals too started combining the calcium and carbonate that was floating freely in the water to construct reefs.
The primary source of calcite, or calcium carbonate, is the secretions of certain sea creatures.
Some formulations use calcium carbonate or even wood pulp instead.
It's so simple and easy to carbonate anything, especially liquor.
In sediment cores the period shows up as a layer of red clay sandwiched between two white layers of calcium carbonate.
To make calcium carbonate, corals need two ingredients: calcium ions and carbonate ions.
Rocks that don't contain calcium carbonate won't fizz.
Calcite and aragonite are the two crystal forms of calcium carbonate, a property of minerals geologists call dimorphism.
Rainwater from the surface seeps through the ground, absorbing calcium carbonate along the way.
When the sea creatures died, they left behind skeletons made of calcium carbonate.
Acids dissolve carbonate, so as pH levels in the world's oceans drop, these animals may have trouble maintaining their body parts.
In the ocean, plankton use the bicarbonate to build shells of calcium carbonate.
The corals thrived when calcium carbonate was added to the water but did poorly without it.
Beneath a bowling ball's urethane shell lies a dense core of polyester infused with calcium carbonate or barium sulfate.
The rest combines with calcium ions dissolved from rocks to form calcium carbonate.
The chambers were separated by walls of calcium carbonate called septa.
Once the water evaporates, lithium carbonate is extracted from the residue.
It's also naturally at a low pH and has relatively few carbonate ions, making it especially vulnerable to acidification.
If the ions are too few, the water will dissolve calcium carbonate.
Also, the company would not need to purchase soda ash to enable production of lithium carbonate, as is typically done today.
Composed of calcium carbonate leached from dripping water, the stalagmite preserves a record of rainfall in this region.
The authors state that calcium carbonate-phosphate mixtures are rather sticky.
Distilleries are mainly found in regions lacking carbonate rocks and whit soft groundwater.
The first to feel the impact are the creatures of the sea that use calcium carbonate to form their shells and exoskeletons.
Such treatments might include sodium bicarbonate, allopurinol, and aluminum hydroxide or calcium carbonate.
They have two shells made of low-magnesium calcium carbonate.
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