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Example sentences for caravan

Days ago, your group of adventurers joined a desert caravan.
The pall of fatality that hangs over this motley caravan provides an undercurrent of mordant comedy.
Follow a caravan across the unforgiving desert, an impossible journey without camels.
Halfway across the desert, a terribly sandstorm struck, separating your party from the rest of the caravan.
Litter drifts around empty pitches, wasps hover near overflowing bins and dogs bark outside each embattled caravan.
Salt from the desert had great value and, along with other caravan goods, enriched the city in its heyday.
The camel was on its feet again and strong enough to keep up with the caravan.
At the moment the command was given for the caravan to move out, thunder rumbled ominously from the west.
The vehicles in the caravan carrying the federal agents were unmarked.
Humans have been weaving commercial and cultural connections since before the first camel caravan ventured afield.
Food had been scarce, and hunger had slowed the caravan's pace.
The whole caravan had to stop while they debated whether to stone her or cut off her head.
When he walked, he followed an ancient caravan route tiled in broad, flat flagstones.
Wood blithely offered to help and eventually delivered a mountain of books by a caravan of donkeys.
The caravan people as well as the stock suffered acutely from alkali water, which was boiled and used for coffee.
Participants will caravan in their own vehicles to the site.

Famous quotes containing the word caravan

The dog barks, the caravan passes on. The words had a sort of bloom on them But were weightless, carrying p... more
So live that when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan that moves To that mysterious realm, wh... more
Time, you old gypsy man, Will you not stay, Put up your caravan Just for one day?... more
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