caramelize in a sentence

Example sentences for caramelize

Caramelize two tablespoons sugar, add butter and water, and boil two minutes.
Caramelize sugar, add boiling water, and cook until syrup is reduced to one-third cup.
Caramelize one-half of the sugar, and add slowly to two cups of the cream scalded.
Caramelize the shallot in the pancetta fat, add the wine and geranium leaves, and boil until it cooks down to a syrup.
In a flash, she added the dash of sugar that would help the endive caramelize.
By the time the pie is baked, the peel and its pith caramelize and give the berries a surprising tang.
Stir together until the apples have softened slightly and begun to caramelize, six to eight minutes.
Add three tablespoons sugar and continue to saute until the sugar begins to caramelize in the pan.
When the figs are starting to caramelize at the edges, add the raspberries, tucking them into the spaces between the figs.
Watch carefully toward the end so that it does not overconcentrate and start to caramelize.
We raked them back and forth for a couple of minutes until they shriveled and their vegetal sugars began to caramelize.
Then, let it sear, close the hood and let it caramelize.
When the shallots start to caramelize, add sliced porcini.
When the bones begin to caramelize, deglaze the pan with the port wine and chicken stock.
Soften and caramelize the apples by sautéing them with some butter and sugar for a topping.
In the kitchen, the wardens noticed a frying pan on the stove with an onion starting caramelize nicely.
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