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Water condensation from the process is captured and used for irrigation.
He's captured everything from the sound of a slug biting into a leaf to butterfly wings beating against the air.
The tableau neatly captured the essence of this city in winter.
The difficulty of losing weight is captured in a new model commented.
The difficulty of losing weight is captured in a new model.
Even starry-eyed outsiders who win elections on anti-corruption tickets seem to be captured by the system within months.
Early captured several hundred prisoners, among them two general officers.
These might run down at night and inflict great damage upon us before they could be sunk or captured by our navy.
After the cameras captured pie-making from all angles, it was on to sound.
He said he had personally seen this creature change into human form several times before they finally captured it.
Certainly, his terror organization could not die without its leader being killed or captured.
No, said another, he had been captured but he had escaped.
Was also captured from the beginning with the characters and their foibles.
So are images with people so long as their surroundings are captured.
He captured images of communities that had become ghost towns, with pets and farm animals roaming the streets.
From the time our ancestors first painted on cave walls, the beauty and speed of horses have captured our imagination.
He also captured a poorly known wild animal and in doing so changed our modern lives.
And so he did what anyone might have done: he captured the mouse and put it in a cage.
He was proud that these pictures generally needed little in the way of captioning, that the composition captured the moment.
The museum's minimalist aesthetic has been captured by many nationally recognized architectural photographers.
For almost four decades, he and his agents captured bank robbers and foiled embezzlers.
But the picture is also poignant, in that the boundless optimism it captured has been tempered by tragedies and dead ends.
But there was more to the story than was captured on film.
Two captured pilots were brought into a living-room to talk to me, one after the other.
He wrote much less and his work no longer captured public attention.
But in their understated way the stories captured fleeting moments of loss.
Nobody had been killed, but a guerrilla had been captured and was being questioned.
It captured perfectly the mental maps of their worlds that children endlessly revise and refine.
The old benign matriarchal government has been captured by males bent on centralized domination.
The novelty of the concept seems to have captured the interest of both academics and the public.
The idea that the sole definition of service is the kind captured by military service is an arrogant conceit.
Photographing the jagged, rusty remnants, he captured an unexpected range of brilliant colors created by the material's oxidation.
That's why we're going to spend today pondering some great moments in cannibalism captured on film.
Over the past three decades, string theory has increasingly captured the imagination of physicists.
Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective.

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