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But neither capture the complexity of what my teaching and intellectual life entails.
It takes a special scientist to capture huge crocs.
Excellent skills and amazing you were able to capture her so close.
Even though many nets are now equipped with devices to release the dolphins, the stress of capture alone may cause injury.
They considered marker-based motion-capture technology to capture the motions of the body and apply them to computer characters.
Even these days, to charm is to attract people and capture their attention-but no president wants to be.
In addition, the maneuver dubbed wake capture allows insects to utilize energy that would normally be lost.
We offer education and interpretive exhibits that capture these experiences.
Air bags in each seat sink and rise to capture the sensation of extreme acceleration.
It is far from clear that either experiment will capture its prize.
If you find something interesting and manage to capture it in a photo, consider sending it in.
Professional photographers camp here to capture the unfolding layers of color and shadow at dawn.
The vehicle is fitted with a device to capture some of the heat normally lost through an exhaust and convert it into electricity.
Digital motion-detection cameras capture elusive wildlife.
Watch a red bat capture a moth that doesn't produce sound.
Universities are constantly seeking to capture more revenue to make themselves more excellent.
Watch a honey badger capture and devour a snake, head first.
Enclosed please find a brief and truthful account of the capture of the specimens which compose this group.
By rushing ears from the garden to boiling water, you can capture their full sweetness.
All of those could capture something-squeaks, squiggles-sufficient to convince believers that some ghostly presence was abroad.
Only then will he capture them in outsize photographs that he takes not with a camera but with a digital tool-a flatbed scanner.
As the sun sets, white pumpkins and potted white violas capture the fading daylight as no color can.
White's concerns about the morality of farming, his desire to capture on paper the rhythms of life.
In this gallery, get tips on how to capture the essence of urban spaces.
Scientists suspected that the common thresher shark used its long tail to capture food-and now they have video to prove it.
Sunset's wreaths and garlands also capture the spirit of this magical season.
Since their capture millennia ago, the microbes seem to have been completely isolated.
It takes time and patience to capture nature in action.
To capture that spirit, imagine your own journey through an unknown place.
Cisterns capture and store rainwater for landscape irrigation.
Sometimes it takes more than one great shot to capture a moment.
Typically, coal companies construct filtration ponds to capture sediments and valley-fill runoff.
The focal length you need depends on your distance from the burst and what you're trying to capture.
Share your photos, hear from speakers and learn about new techniques that may help you capture that picture perfect moment.
To his dismay, the crafty bird got away, but not without leaving its surprised expression for me to capture.
They are also looking to capture other kinds of customer.
They really capture the students' attention and provide an excellent source of stop and go discussion.
QR codes are a technology that has never seemed to really capture the imagination of the general public.
Capture those similarities in a model and it should be possible to predict how a crowd will behave.
Lovely capture of colour, texture, light and height.
Platform companies that can capture a digital market have benefits for the wider economy.
When it comes to mapping the ocean floor, lasers can capture fine details even better than the sonar.
Artists' journals can be an art form unto themselves, a taxonomy of days that attempt to capture the random rush of creativity.
Whether this reflects a drop in trade or the traffickers' increasing skill in avoiding capture is unclear.
Such things as screen capture software or remote cameras or phones could still be used.
Modern cameras capture more than blurred images: they record the precise bone structure of people's faces.
The robot precisely controls where and how many pictures your camera takes, allowing it to systematically capture an entire scene.
As agent software becomes better able to capture complex real-world behaviour, other uses for it are sure to emerge.
Clouds, farm building, lightening and wheat capture the mood.
Such a moving image depicting a world that is so difficult to accurately capture.
Moreover, the ten-year census may not capture what has been happening recently.
All sorts of dictionaries have been written, trying to capture the accent and its spelling.
Both artists capture long disappeared lives and events and everyday strangeness that are too often misrepresented or unexplored.
Folkways has two recordings that capture this moment in civil rights history.
What this photo doesn't capture is the cacophony of construction machinery, guys yelling, and cars honking.
Such of them as escaped wounds and capture are fleeing routed and panic stricken, and disappearing in the woods.
It is not an escort, but an expedition to capture you.
Lecture capture is being used as not only a way to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning but also as a peer review system.
Employers can capture the huge savings of reduced certification costs.
Even if they aren't used for a few years, they will capture a crucial period in your education.
Hopefully one day you will find one that will capture your attention and admiration.
The photo is amazing and your were there to see and capture it.
Besides, she and other approved rescuers require special permission to capture a free-swimming dolphin.
Infusing oil and vinegar is a great way to capture the flavor of fresh herbs without preserving the herbs themselves.
We have really liked that a younger audience is using the app to capture modern history.
We have provided handheld video cameras to multiple players, who will capture the untold stories of spring.
If you're going below the surface to capture the hidden life of a coral reef, you want to get in close.
Smartphones are often used to take shots in low-light situations, but low-light capture has always been a glaring weak spot.
Alligator calls are used in the capture of alligators.
If possible, bring a small recorder to capture these sounds.
But for now, it is a pleasant surprise to find another, more meaningful way to capture a sense of space.
The only way to get more information from this picture would be to pull back and capture more of general shot, with more context.
The remains are the first evidence to suggest that extinct mammals used venom to either capture prey or fend off predators.
Photovoltaic, or solar-electric, systems capture light energy from the sun's rays and convert it into electricity.
But scientists have had difficulty figuring out how such a capture might have occurred.
Loved to capture human emotions, their life sketch, and their surroundings.
These pancakes capture the sweetness of corn from the cob.
The process of capture knocks electrons free inside the material and creates a current.
She used four cameras, including one underwater, to capture the movement of high divers from all angles.
He wanted a surface that was three-dimensional, the better to capture light.
At times she shows a real talent for poetry and its rhythm, and uses the disquiet in herself to capture the humanity around her.
It is not a big step from this to using the tax system to capture the value of transport developments.
For the scientist, who is interested in fluid dynamic or chaos theory, they capture the behavior of fluids in motion.
Alas, the others capture little of geology beyond its glacial pace.
Individual electrons move too quickly for ordinary cameras to capture in a clear image.
In fact two projects, a public effort and a private venture, had competed to capture the sequence.
Few concepts capture the human imagination more than robots, undoubtedly because they are often designed to mimic us.
He used artificial light to capture these objects as he found them on the beach.
Photographs and snatches of videotape don't quite capture it because fundamentally what people were talking about was charisma.
The thicker a solar cell, he explains, the more light it can capture.
But in a fluid such as air, which is a thousand times less dense than water, stigmas can easily capture pollen.
The birds put rocks in the tube to raise the water level to capture the worm.
Global capital is really lucky that direct democracy isn't that widespread and that regulatory capture is ubiquitous.
They capture them with their own version of a fisherman's net.
Machines can capture a cell's total genetic activity and then crunch the results for clues to disease.
The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn't capture their intimate relationship.
Hook up wires to capture the electric current and that's your solar panel.
It appears to be something between cronyism and regulatory capture.
It's as rare to capture a mood in a book as it is for a writer to be able to write the way he or she speaks.
They simply could not understand how an obvious bigot could capture the imagination of so many people.
When shrunk to fit in a phone, these chips are limited in the amount of light they can capture.
Typically, a microwave antenna with a diode is able to capture the energy.
The resulting trove of cells would capture all the genetic quirks of these complex diseases.
Solar thermal power plants that produce hotter steam can capture more solar energy.
However, none of these techniques fully capture the way behaviours spread in society.
These house-sized detectors capture the sub-atomic debris radiating out from hundreds of millions of collisions per second.
To capture them with photography is to defy their elusive state, to steal them to common ground, as is the journalist's duty.
The houses, empty now, are stretched tall to capture the sea breeze on streets squeezed narrow to capture the shade.
Sometimes it takes a true vintage piece to capture the feel of a specific film.
It sometimes takes me a while to capture the attention of the younger people because their attention spans are so short.
Despite the injuries he had already suffered, upon capture he was promptly bayoneted in the ankle and then beaten senseless.
They could have slipped away abroad, as some others did to escape capture.
He gives you scenes that no one else has managed to capture.
Zoom lenses capture every intimate moment as they picnic with friends or paddle in a mountain stream.
Political blogs are among the trickiest to capture in a book because they tend to rely heavily on links and ephemeral information.
Starting with my generation, generations are much more diffuse and much more difficult to characterize or capture.
If you capture an unfolding event on camera or mobile phone, upload photos here and videos here.
The captain ordered the crew to capture it, and they fired upon it and hurled harpoons.
Throughout the movie, the filmmakers capture tiny changes in mood and physical appearance, and the grand effects are startling.

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