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Weir found himself once again on a familiar street, close to where his lengthy captivity had begun.
It was only the second time the duck-billed, web-foot mammal had been successfully bred in captivity.
The study also examined the effects of captivity on reproduction.
It's a sort of halfway house between captivity and reintroduction.
Beyond knowing what places need protection, conservationists now know where turtles bred in captivity can be released.
Many of its inmates could spend the rest of their lives in captivity without ever having a proper trial.
The center's near-term goal is to make cheetahs self-sustaining in captivity.
She was kept in captivity with three other chimpanzees.
Of course everyone knows that they didn't bring freedom but another captivity.
Captivity can have a striking impact on animal behavior.
Such differences will grow as strains are bred in captivity.
Sadly, no joyous sunrise would come to end their tortured nights of captivity.
Said to measure twelve feet long and weigh a short ton, he has often been heralded as the largest bear ever held in captivity.
He seems to have traded one form of captivity for another.
As a result, he expects that many species might soon disappear from the wild and exist only in captivity.
The tragedy has led to a fierce debate as to whether killer whales should be kept in captivity.
No one, except by accident, has been able to get horseshoe crabs to mate in captivity.
If any wolves are found to be a problem, they must be caught and returned to captivity.
Some conservation groups are intervening by breeding the birds in captivity.
Researchers have had no success at breeding or keeping them in captivity.
Two-headed reptiles are also at a significant disadvantage in the wild, but some have been know to live long lives in captivity.
Many people are against zoos because they feel it's wrong to keep animals in captivity.
They eagerly eat one another in captivity, and this really complicates husbandry effort.
After their breeding season is complete, the birds are taken into captivity to prevent them from migrating.
It hadn't been that smart a move to get stoned prior to my captivity.
There is no question that scores of raids occur every year, and many thousands of people now live in captivity.
Some news does filter out about the conditions of his captivity.
The ways that served their ancestors through captivity and coming to freedom have begun to lose their utility.
All surviving members of the species now live in captivity.
He's not about to leave the captivity he's known his entire life to head into the unknown.
In captivity, gorillas have displayed significant intelligence and have even learned simple human sign language.
Ironically, this stocky, sturdy animal exists today only in captivity.
The birds pale in captivity unless their diet is supplemented.
They are sometimes trapped for captivity or killed, but their primary threat is the disappearance of their tropical forest homes.
They have tried to raise it in captivity for release and failed.
Many animals simply don't breed well in captivity, and so in the past we've been able to get replacements from the wild.
The tigers bred in captivity have been turned into tourist attractions.
In fact, there is a moratorium on breeding brown bears in captivity.
Historically, wild birds do not survive in captivity.
Compensation for damage caused by animal held in captivity.
Descriptors: techniques, care in captivity, feeding on prey.
Same individual as above, photographed this time in captivity.
During the first week of their captivity, their fate was undecided.
Permits to authorize the possession of animals reared in captivity only.
Certain conditions are presumed to be related to time in captivity.

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