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Its sad enough that these animals have to be held captive in the first place.
For parents with good risk, self-insurance through a captive avoids the snags of pooling risk.
Although it's difficult to be certain, captive inbreeding may cause more two-headed births than in the wild.
Finding might help captive breeding of the endangered cats.
If a students begins in one of these programs, they are captive until completion.
Scientists are trying to increase this captive population, though not for reintroduction purposes.
At best, such topics are the solipsistic concerns of literature professors determined to take advantage of a captive audience.
Television advertisers will pay immense sums of money to ensure a captive audience.
Many coffee producers use captive civets today, but the process remains the same.
Really useful, not too pricey and a great way to showcase to a captive audience.
Up in a tower a queen and her two sons are being help captive by an evil wizard.
Captive animals are difficult to return to the wild.
Scientists are studying wild and captive dolphins to decipher their secret language.
One captive snake was known to have gone two years without eating.
And retail funds and captive insurers are on the rise.
While you can pause and scrub forward and back on programming, you are a captive audience to the ads.
Cross-holdings cement alliances, but also make firms captive to their partners.
They were quick to take advantage of the captive market.
Captive pythons frequently escape or are released by their owners.
Researchers test tracking hardware on captive animals to ensure that it doesn't alter behavior.
The pioneer primatologist travels the globe to speak up for the captive and orphaned kin of wild chimpanzees.
They rely heavily on another revenue stream: outrageously priced food for a captive audience.
The biggest failing among all the former captive nations has been in reform of state administration.
So far, research on captive birds has demonstrated the species' remarkable cognitive and tool-making abilities.
Captive chimps could release the food by using a stick to move the trap in either of two ways.
The intentions of those who would prevent the use of captive whales in entertainment may be noble.
Proposed measures include creating protected wildcat areas, neutering domestic cats, and establishing captive breeding programs.
The business models of traditional software vendors are built around this captive demand in the data centre.
So researchers are counting on the captive sea dragons to shed light into their mysterious lives.
Captive gorillas have been shown to use tools, but observing the behavior in wild gorillas has proven difficult.
It was for vengeance upon a caitiff knight, who had made her lover captive and despoiled her of her lands.
They captured every condor in the wild and established a captive-breeding program.
Nothing rattles a captive more than to be confronted with a fact he thought was secret or obscure.
He is an exacting critic, and an exuberant showoff, and the meetings provide a captive audience.
Students and governments are the ultimate captive audience.
Captive breeding may sound great, but the captives don't do so well in nature.
The authors concluded that scientists must begin captive breeding.
Some captive octopuses lie in ambush and spit in their keepers' faces.
The clams fed off their captive algae and their habitat expanded into sunlit waters.
Captive elephants die much younger than their wild counterparts, a new study reports.
And that was because many of the observations made are done on captive bonobo populations and not those in the wild.
Or it could be said about churches, which succeed in making a captive profession out of a free vocation.
The dollar is also captive to other countries' exchange-rate policies and saving habits.
Customers are captive, but without their certain level of support, this monopolized status might crack.
These caudillos want legitimate power: land, a captive population of their own, power to tax and legislate the whole works.
Fertility rates of captive giant pandas are even lower, experts say.
Discusses the endangered status of the giant panda and efforts to get captive pandas to breed and reproduce.
Most large, captive-bred carnivores die if returned to their natural habitat, a new study has found.
Horne added that the team plans to continue testing their theory using captive killer whales.
In the near future, it hopes to release captive-bred lynx into the wild.
Learn about lemurs and other primates from the center that houses the world's largest captive collection of endangered primates.
Even captive animals are slightly unpredictable, because they're still wild at heart.
But the translator, afraid that he will be killed along with his fellow captive, softens every oath into a compliment.
Contemporaneous accounts never hinted that he was anything but a captive.

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