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Second, recrimination is more captivating than mere advocacy.
Join us in a captivating discussion that will demystify the chancy side of life.
If so the photo may be more than visually captivating.
It doesn't really matter who else is around us, the show is so captivating.
It's a captivating profile that neither fawns nor pities one of oddest players in modern computing history.
Meanwhile, the live performers are so captivating that they often distract from what is happening on screen.
Some people certainly have captivating personalities that inspire a donor.
Her story is fairly well known, but still captivating.
Don't miss out on this captivating look at the workings of the cosmos, along with spectacular images.
The colors and sense of mystery are really captivating.
The sequel delivers a captivating experience worthy of following the critically acclaimed original.
We should rejoice that someone has found a subject so captivating that they will risk live and limb in pursuit.
It's a sweet and enjoyable ad for an equally captivating game.
And the sport exhaust is controlled by pneumatic valves for a deep, throaty and captivating sound.
Browse through this captivating collection of breathtaking images of our world.
Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale.
Anxious to avoid boredom, those afflicted are constantly scanning their environment, searching for all things captivating.
They are places so wondrous that they inspire artists and poets, so captivating that they were declared national parks.
These mini montages have become a captivating subgenre for both regulars and channel surfers.
Few creatures are as mysterious and captivating as the whale, and few connect with us so emotionally and spiritually.
His unique and captivating talent for teaching changed the way medicine is taught and practiced.
He thought that a dramatic story from the point of view of a video blogger would be more captivating.
Captivating and mischievous, her open smile and obvious enthusiasm are a welcome addition to the program.
The lighthouse itself is closed to the public but makes a captivating photo in the right light.
The peoples and cultures of the world come to life in vivid color and fascinating stories in these captivating videos.
Behind the picturesque and captivating rendezvous lurks a powerful dramatic situation and a moral problem of arresting gravity.
For him the netsuke, so small and captivating, were not enough as a mere signpost to a family history.
Long in the making, the series looks well produced, immensely enlightening and even captivating.
It's science as a quest: frustrating and never-ending, but always captivating.
But for sheer beauty, he does have a way of writing and thinking which is captivating.
But captivating modern audiences amid the cacophony of so much cinematic sound and fury is actually an amazing feat.
For me, there's something totally captivating about it.
There are also captivating outdoor sites that provide a natural background for your special event.
Clay's speaking style was, by all accounts, profoundly captivating.
These captivating stories weave one into another with the next chapter yet to be told.
With liquid eyes and parted mouth she looks directly at the viewer, radiating purity and captivating all who gaze upon her.
Their beauty is captivating and fascinating, and their purpose and origins are thought-provoking.

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Byron and Elvis Presley look alike, especially in strong-nosed Greek profile. In Glenarvon, a roman a clef about her aff... more
A people so individual in its genius, so tenacious in love or hate, so captivating in its nobler moods.... more
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