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Example sentences for captivated

To help him recall images that captivated him, the artist always carried a small pocket diary.
Americans have always been captivated by big things.
White seems to have been captivated by less digestible fare.
The pictures of gas and steam erupting out of the surface of the water captivated the world.
They so captivated the students that no other sound could be heard beside click-click-clicking.
He was captivated by new developments in technology.
Her life, her politics, and her romantic encounters have given her a magical appeal that has captivated the world ever since.
Whatever weight-loss program has so recently captivated us is wrong.
She had the audience captivated in a state of complete trance.
Be captivated by exotic wildlife and see magnificent vistas few humans have ever witnessed.
Amber captivated ancient cultures long before its origins were understood.
It's unquestionable beauty and grace captivated everyone.
Captivated by the beauty of moths, an artist uses digital scans to transform backyard fliers into fine art.
Humor, music, and action keep kids captivated as they learn.
We knew climbers would be interested, but what really blew us away was how the general public was captivated by the story.
Its intensity, story telling and all around dramatic nature keeps me captivated throughout the hour.
For centuries, the exotic art form of belly dancing has captivated audiences all over the world.
In subsequent years, attempts to figure out how this conversion took place captivated the scientific world.
Most of these visitors moved from museum to museum and were captivated by the riches of our exhibitions and collections.
Restaurant and bar owners are often captivated by online reviews.
She also seems to have been captivated by her own rhetoric and vision.
Here are five phenomena that captivated the media for a spell, then turned out to be less than huge.
Even older children are captivated, if only by the presence of a video screen on a pocket camera.
He was also captivated by the new musical language of bebop.
Newspapers captivated the world's attention with stories from survivors and about victims who did not survive.
The lyrical beauty and powerful expression of his film songs have captivated millions.

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