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Captivate is great for building interactive self-guided simulations and branching scenarios.
No play, however political and worthy, can captivate an audience unless it is actually good.
It is the curse of paleontologists that they can never attain a definitive understanding of the creatures that so captivate them.
But tinkering with technology would continue to captivate him.
Clearly, the science-fiction dream of the flexible display continues to captivate the imagination.
These three adventures have something to captivate even the wildest imaginations.
Both modes of execution challenge the watercolorist, yet captivate the viewer.
But even during cooler climes the twinkling lights and sweep of the view can captivate.
Stunning views will captivate your imagination for your dream estate.
Tranquility is found among this majestic ridge top location with breathtaking panoramic views sure to captivate your spirit.
Sometimes the aesthetics of the image itself captivate.
And the quality of his reverence should captivate the piously devout.
And there was this unusual air about him that seemed to captivate even his bosses.
But success alone has not been enough to captivate fans.
The sign reader could supply a bit of gee-whiz technology that could captivate buyers.
Museums can provide a glimpse into civilizations of the past, speak to the artist in you and captivate the imagination.
Marching bands and musicians really captivate the crowds.
The distinctive, mud-lined nests of robins and their beautiful blue eggs captivate people of all ages.
There's something about bubbles that captivate kids, and this takes the dollar store wand in the backyard to a whole new level.
Preceding the big jump are two other events that will captivate the audience.
Teach you to deliver a narrative in a way that will captivate your audience.

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