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Example sentences for caption

We're extending last week's caption contest for another week.
The caption is an extremely important piece of the entry.
The birds are indeed cormorants and the caption has been updated.
One-hundred and seventy eight people voted for that caption.
So we're asking you, dear readers, to supply a proper caption for the picture and headline above.
When a word is flagged, the sound cuts out quickly and an optional caption pops up giving a mild approximation of what was said.
The writer got it wrong in the text and the caption writer may not have known better.
Below the caption he shows a contented figure in a bare room, stuffing handfuls of fuzz into his line-straight mouth.
But if you take the other meaning of the caption, it will be more interesting.
The caption says that juveniles are also harpooned in order to attract the older whales.
The journal where this study was published is missing from the article, but hinted at in the image caption.
The likeliest explanation is that the press release caption is erroneous.
Caption wasn't about finally integrating the campus.

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A drawing is always dragged down to the level of its caption.... more
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