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Rising temperatures are rapidly reducing the ice that permanently caps high mountains around the world.
Up close, you can make out plastic forks and spoons, bottle caps and rubber balloons.
But the program is administratively complicated, involving income-eligibility caps and requiring students to reapply every year.
Private loans lack the protections provided by federal loans, such as caps on interest rates.
If the original text is all italics or underlined or in caps, the quotation of it need not be.
Clean one-fourth pound mushrooms, break caps in pieces, and sauté five minutes in one tablespoon butter.
Coarse laughing faces with pipes and cigarettes and heads wearing caps thrust themselves in at the doorway.
Drilling holes in the caps will allow any excess water to flow down to the next plant and helps keep your floor dry.
Or, it would switch to all caps when my hands were nowhere near the caps lock key.
In addition, warmer temperatures cause excess melting of ice caps and glaciers, raising sea levels and flooding estuaries.
Climate change could potentially cause the polar ice caps to melt, leading to sea level rises worldwide.
Another two percent is locked up in glaciers and ice caps.
Global warming may accelerate the melting of polar ice caps, causing sea levels to rise.
Melting glaciers and ice caps, along with ocean warming-water expands as it heats up-are the main culprits behind the increase.
The south was cold and arid, with much of the region frozen under ice caps.
Many studies of the impacts of global warming on environments have tended to focus on ice caps, glaciers, and coastlines.
But developing countries, which placed a higher priority on economic growth, refused to accept caps on their emissions.
But they're colliding with a truly depressing trend: data caps.
The melting of the polar ice caps threatens to raise sea levels of salt water endangering coastal cities.
Over time, the feds lower the overall limits or caps.
Europeans have been fond of linen driving caps for centuries.
For the millionaire laborers in big-time sports, salary caps might not seem oppressive.
They have caps called telomeres on the ends of their chromosomes, and these caps shorten after each cell division.
Those small schemes will not satisfy those who want wholesale reform, such as caps on damage awards.
There is a strict uniform code, and pupils must remove hooded tops and caps as they arrive.
The telomeres act as caps that stop chromosomes deteriorating, or fusing with other chromosomes to cause abnormalities.
He had worked all his life in a hat factory, pressing caps.
Drugged-up rebels have been known to sport pink bathrobes and shower caps.
Uncertainties surrounding the costs involved will require adjustments in caps and rates, for either system.
The bigger problem is that a lack of dynamism in the domestic economy caps the gains from trade.
There will be term limits for officials, caps on salaries, transparency in housing and so forth.
If extra supplies do not curb prices, the government may set caps.
The answer has been to invest in a variety of hats-from baseball caps to crash helmets.
These are long term liabilities not short term deficits so budget caps are likely to make these issues worse, not better.
Football helmets were once little more than leather caps.
The fight over pensions is not unlike the one over collective bargaining or salary caps.
Note that this mitigates the one even semi-plausible claim about the vast benefits of price caps on interchange fees.
What's more, price caps won't be effective in creating a better balance between supply and demand.
We wore long sleeves against the thorns, and baseball caps against the sun.
They were all smiling up at the camera, and had wrinkles in their white rubber caps.
There is a literary quality to their all-caps urgency and secret jargon.
There was blood on the boys' cuffs, their shirttails, and the bills of their gray twill caps.
They wear baseball caps, sun-bleached everything, and plastic sandals.
The officers wear outsized caps and ill-fitting uniforms and carry briefcases.
Too many caps to be retrieved at the bedside of indiscretion, too much of a gloss.
He smiled and they could see his real teeth-some broken, some gold-without the caps he wears in public.
The polar ice caps are shrinking and the desert areas are increasing.
And it shouldn't stop you from popping by to catch up on our extensive archive of re-caps, interviews, and videos.
Molly has taken to strutting around outside, showing it off and putting in double caps to really make it pop.
They're still holding strong with their lined wool caps.
We see ice in the polar caps, and we've seen it revealed under the surface by small meteorite impacts.
Salt water freezes in laboratory conditions but the sea does not provide the water for the ice caps.
And two-thirds of that is locked up in ice caps and glaciers.
Once it's developed, an amanita will be gilled with parasol-shaped caps.
The materials themselves are simple: wooden struts, elastic cords, and plastic caps to keep things in place.
Shrinking ice caps may also cause changes in ocean circulation and even storm tracks.

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