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In two decades, private-equity firms have moved from the outer fringe to the centre of the capitalist system.
He has also been a high-tech entrepreneur and a venture capitalist.
Perhaps every revolution, even a capitalist one, eats its children.
The capitalist system would remain in so far as it is necessary to have ambition, drive, and enthusiasm for the new way forward.
Excellent strategy-you never know if there's a venture capitalist hiding behind that fanny pack.
Rather than millions in funding, however, first prize was a one-on-one mentoring session with a venture capitalist.
If all goes well and a venture capitalist is interested in working with you, a term sheet will be issued.
Capitalist logic, ie the motion of capital does not ask such questions nor does it care to answer them.
You're a tiny cog in the capitalist machine that's destroying the planet-and your own soul.
Consumption is not some sort of money driven capitalist evil.
One thing every venture capitalist thinks about on the way in: how to cash out.
One greedy gouging capitalist helping to bring down a cohort of fellow greed-monsters.
The globe has one superpower, and that superpower has to choose to be either a moral superpower or a capitalist superpower.
If you really want to take the capitalist perspective, let's make it fee for service entirely.
Tycoons have traditionally discovered their inner saint only after exorcising the inner capitalist.
But the left, which might have expected to have benefited from a capitalist meltdown, is no better off.
The cleanest places on the planet are the capitalist nations.
It is not the environmentalist that are hindering nuclear power it is the capitalist.
In our one-dimensional, capitalist age, the holistic view of how the world works rarely comes into play.
There is a growing tendency to cross the limits of sustainable greed which can be developed in a capitalist economy.
There's no free lunch in a capitalist corporate state.
It is not the environmentalist that killed off the nuclear power industry it is the capitalist.
The capitalist economy mirrors nature better than any other.
If your device works as you claim and it's reasonably priced, you need to approach a venture capitalist.
They also recommended exploiting the differences between the two capitalist powers.
But normal capitalist firms will continue to co-exist with them.
According to traditional capitalist thinking, of course, this made no economic sense.
It was a scathing send-up of our post-modern capitalist society.
For all intents and purposes, no one is a capitalist or a socialist.
These days they seem to be adapting more, if not necessarily better, to the capitalist way of life.
The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
It stands as the colloquial encapsulation of a capitalist survival-of-the-fittest system that runs on greed and heartlessness.
At secular privates and big publics, the end is to produce docile consumer-citizens to fuel the late-capitalist market state.
For all of their anti-capitalist messages, the people who are living in this tent village couldn't be more tied to capitalism.
Risk averse as they may be, they truly believe it is in their capitalist best interest to resist the use of firearms on site.
No debts to the evil overlords of the capitalist empire, no bedbugs, and you get free delivery.
If you are a capitalist, you believe that the economy is stimulated when people are allowed to invest their own money.
They are overcoming a peasant economy with their capitalist sacrifices.
Then with a transparent capitalist economy in place, all this would be solved.
He peddles stories of the problems with the capitalist system while growing rich because of it.
Some zealots even argue that the open-source approach represents a new, post-capitalist model of production.
Workers' co-ops are often seen as hotbeds of radical, anti-capitalist thought.
Nor is a state-capitalist system well equipped to inspire innovation.
They have created a socialist paradise for themselves that happens to bring with it capitalist-size profits.
Though the history is long, it contains little drama: major shifts in capitalist power centers occur at an almost geological pace.
But this a statist means to a capitalist ends, designed to maximize long-term growth and encourage development.
It reflects a tenacious reluctance to concede the ethical and material superiority of the capitalist system.
Profit-maximization is not a generalizable norm for a successful capitalist society.
The history of capitalist development is the history of the more expansive and intensive use of space.
Capitalist policy and the free-market system excel at feeding consumer wants, investor wealth and entrepreneurial ambition.
That's not a problem of germ-line genetic modification, however, but of a capitalist and market-oriented society.
There was a venture capitalist who had been an entrepreneur, and he was full of sage advice.
It is not socialism, and current capitalist systems are too brutal and inefficient.
Be selective in targeting capitalist enemies of the people.
The words communist and capitalist are meaningless holdovers of another area.
Anti capitalist, non-scientific bias with a socialist message.
Except last time the left was out destroying a capitalist enemy.
Eventually that too will go to the capitalist minded folk.
It's sound investment, if you're the sort of big-time venture capitalist without a social conscience.
Unless you stop taking money for advertising on your own site then you cannot criticise the capitalist system.
So far as revolution in the developed, free-market, capitalist societies is concerned he seems to have been proved right.
We live in a capitalist society where individuals and businesses are responsible for their own behavior.

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