caper in a sentence

Example sentences for caper

Garnish with the caper berries and the optional chopped parsley and lemon slices.
Because the elephants have obliterated the trees, the riverfront has only caper bushes along it.
Serve with lemon wedges, potatoes, and caper mayonnaise.
Add tuna, anchovies and caper brine to the mixture, then beat to incorporate.
It's this obligation to fail that makes the caper movie, ultimately, so tiresome.
It was a breeding herd-all shapes and sizes of elephants pouring out of the caper bushes.
The movie is a caper without playfulness or wit-it's accomplished but not much fun.
Needless to say, this not exactly capering caper goes murderously awry.

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unless I can shake myself free of my dog, my flag, of my desk, my mind, I find life a bit of a drag. Not always, mind yo... more
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