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We lost the ability to be still, our capacity for idleness.
They have lost the ability to be alone, their capacity for solitude.
But the subsonic plane has room for 400 passengers, quadruple the Concorde's capacity.
The kingdom is the only producer with significant spare capacity to compensate for unexpected supply losses such as Libya's.
He becomes an expert navigator and learns the function and capacity of every sail, spar and sheet.
Instead they become promiscuous scavengers, taking advantage of a single male's high capacity for mating.
This is how you develop your capacity for independent thought.
They have redesigned the servers to work at this capacity.
Meanwhile the carriers are stuck with providing increased capacity, potentially requiring huge capital investments.
Recent government surveillance programs demonstrate our increased capacity for mass surveillance.
In a 2200-capacity hall, the show was minuscule by her usual touring standards.
We have an astonishing capacity not to see things in our midst.
Large-capacity military-surplus batteries are used to store the energy, eliminating the need for a generator.
Polypropylene however, is destroyed simply by burning, because its calorific capacity is similar to that of oil.
If you have a strong, large-capacity bagging mower, you can use it to pick up and shred leaves.
He doesn't seem to have much capacity for empathy or remorse.
Smaller in size with much the same production capacity.
When this happens, overall capacity for a route is reduced, leaving fewer seats to be filled.
Read your vehicle's owner's manual or call a car dealer to determine the towing capacity of your vehicle.
So the capacity of a link can be increased by lighting more fibres.
It is the only producer with significant spare capacity that could quickly be released if the oil price rose too high.
Even without a disruption to supply, prices are under pressure from a second source: the gradual dwindling of spare capacity.
For some economists it will also suggest a slump in supply-ie, in the underlying capacity of the economy.
The first was an intellectual capacity for rational calculation.
What is new, and what has set the market alight, is the lack of spare production capacity.
But producers were pumping flat out, leaving little spare capacity.
Rich-world economies are also running well below capacity.
As overall capacity increases, however, prices transit providers can charge drop precipitously.
In its current guise, the great market shake-up may in fact do little to spark new capacity.
Growth is affected by the starting point, and obviously capacity is too.
Often literally: in places of natural beauty chosen for their capacity to inspire.
In terms of capacity, the scale of private money is far too small.
That's the essential difference between capacity and inclination.
They will have demonstrated the capacity to work well with colleagues and students from a variety of backgrounds.
Before you decide on that allocation, you should first reflect upon your capacity and tolerance of risk.
And it ignores the human capacity to compartmentalize.
Making false and ignorant statements about the capacity of wind and solar adds zero to the debate.
As stated earlier, the limiting factor has less to do with population density that it does with carrying capacity.
Energy companies want to increase capacity by building new plants, if possible with subsidies, to enable sell of more power.
Battery capacity is measured in megawatt-hours, not megawatts.
The plan emphasizes the need to share knowledge and scientific capacity, and establishes a new type of conservation partnership.
Every evening--and during days of low demand--there is a large amount of spare capacity that could easily be tapped.
Capacity sources are made available on demand, to meet system peak loads.
The note their capacity for emotion, including fear, anxiety and rage.
In the derided experiment, they let the virus itself evolve to gain that killer capacity.
But as emissions increase and the planet warms, that storage capacity could be compromised, scientists warn.
All were filled beyond capacity, with inmates crowded into camps and shelters with meager provisions.
Scientists had linked the die-offs to the whale population reaching its carrying capacity.
But human activity also has the capacity to alter habitats in profound ways.
But the concept of animals having the capacity for empathy is much less taboo than it used to be.
Great cyclists generally have an extraordinary heart capacity.
They possess no nervous system or breathing apparatus, nor do they have limbs or the capacity to move.
As world population continues to rise, landfills become increasingly pushed toward capacity.
The country has had trouble restoring even the basic capacity to manufacture cement-critical to rebuilding its oil infrastructure.
New research shows that, unlike cigarettes, smoking marijuana from time to time may even increase lung airflow rates and capacity.
Particularly in an age of cloud storage, that kind of carrying capacity is more of a novelty than it is a necessity.
The odds of justices suffering severe loss of mental capacity in office would decline dramatically.
We don't know half the time when we're being cut out of something because someone is unable to see us at full capacity.
The borrowing capacity of people who would move into new homes is questionable, so homes go unoccupied.
He's since added capacity and, without boosting prices, improved his sourcing.
The parties start gathering about ten o'clock, and after the midnight service every place is crowded to capacity.
His genius was varied and copious, and he showed his capacity to do almost every kind of dramatic work with immense vigour.
Her good will could not be denied, and her capacity could not be disregarded.
These vessels are not filled to more than three-quarters of their capacity.
It is in the second capacity, as a work of permanent value containing truth, that it finds a place among the world's great books.
But prestige, again, is only recognizable by its capacity for evoking suggestion.
However, studies have shown that exercise and training can improve the reserve capacity of the lungs.
The pages were a lighter load, but the capacity monitor was still hovering precariously close to zero.
Dramatic advances in optical technology and a glut of fiber capacity make these cables uneconomical for telecommunications.
Energy suppliers respond to spikes in demand by gearing up extra production capacity.
The cell still needs to demonstrate the capacity to develop into an entire organ.
Researchers are searching for the genes that wire these regions and produce the uniquely human capacity for speech.
Hence, their cognitive capacity should be extremely limited.
Without it, savants can access a startling capacity for recalling endless detail or for performing lightning-quick calculations.
Per unit productivity is low, keeping a check on the maximum carrying capacity.
Moreover, ribs lack any intrinsic generative capacity.
There is some evidence of this latent capacity in humans.
Capacity for multi-tasking depends upon capacity of working memory.
To help scientists record on-the-ground rain measurements, you will need a high capacity rain gauge.
Its capacity to not only cook food but also sterilize water could help three billion people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Belcher is working to improve the batteries' storage capacity further by experimenting with different virus-coat materials.
The giant eye is connected to a giant brain, a computer of enormous speed and capacity.
With their amazing capacity to multiply, the cells are an endless bounty to scientists.
Artistic capacity was one of the components of our species probably right from the start.
Serum adds buffering capacity to the medium and binds or neutralizes toxic components in the growth milieu.
Most interesting, the cranial capacity of these hominids is minuscule.
My ace in the hole as a human being used to be my capacity for remembering birthdays.
Football can illuminate politics, as a measure of a candidate's capacity for pandering, if nothing else.
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to renew and develop into other types of cells.
It is adding twenty-four reactors and quadrupling its nuclear-power capacity in the coming decade to some forty gigawatts.
Thickened mucus slowly fills the small airways and hardens, shrinking lung capacity.
Having the capacity to do damage to your opponent even when you are on the ropes inspires fear.
Still, he has the capacity to make you stop and think.
Their capacity for arousing violence will arouse somebody who is violent, one of these days.
And it is the capacity to injure that makes combatants legitimate targets in the context of war.
It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge.
They have no capacity for replicating either themselves or anything else.
He seems focused simply on the evidence for the overuse of services and the underlying excess capacity of our health system.
He has provided a model for choice and the functioning of the will-the capacity to make and implement choice.
It is not surprising that he was chosen for his capacity for ruthlessness.
We appear to have lost the capacity to question the present, much less offer alternatives to it.
The capacity of separation of a given centrifuge depends both on the speed of rotation and the length of the cylinder.
Whether his constructive capacity is equally great is uncertain.
Under the old local owners, a newspaper's capacity for making money was only part of its value.
Instead he relies on an acute sensitivity to sensory impressions and an extraordinary capacity to articulate them.
Capacity for friendship does not even suggest his chivalry in two senses-toward individuals and to letters.
The show can no longer be changed every two months, but it always fills up to capacity.
The ostensible motives may be pure, but the result is to diminish government's capacity.
One of the themes that emerged in our conversation was the playboy's capacity to savor life's pleasures in an unqualified way.
This, of course, is impossible-the carrying capacity of the planet is finite and will eventually be reached.
But these, worthy as they are, have lacked scale and resources and the capacity for growth.
And it gave me much more capacity to work with everyone else.
And in that capacity he probably does possess more power than any president.
The nonprofits have the capacity to quickly re-allocate resources and divert staff-the public sector does not.
But eventually every yard runs out of storage capacity.
Partnership and teamwork are key this coming year, and can amplify what might possibly be beyond any single individual's capacity.
But they are costly to use and offer limited capacity.
Some older adults will encounter problems with decision-making capacity.
Ethanol production capacity by state and by plant.

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