capacitor in a sentence

Example sentences for capacitor

She worked in the department of injection molding, forming capacitor bodies from hardening epoxy.
Such a capacitor gauge could become a common sight on the dashboards of the future.
For reasons of reliability, therefore, an extra transistor and capacitor are added to each cell as a back up.
But they first need to show that they can reliably produce chips requiring only one transistor and capacitor per bit.
The bus automatically plugs in to a high voltage electrical outlet at each bus stop, recharging its capacitor.
The larger the area of the plates, and the smaller the space between them, the more energy a capacitor can hold.
My dinosaur suit would have a jet pack, rocket launchers, and a flux capacitor.
To anyone familiar with electronics, a parallel capacitor works in a similar fashion.
From the inverter the power can enter a zero-cross switch and capacitor bank for phase synchronization.
Where the electrodes cross, it creates a charge-storage device called a capacitor.
Data is stored as an electrical charge on a capacitor.
To read a cell, the transistor is activated, triggering the capacitor.
The plates are connected to a high-energy capacitor fed by the tank's power supply.
When removing a capacitor, please wear eye protection and gloves.
The majority of these exposures are in capacitor production and in investment casting processes.
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