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Example sentences for capacious

You will be happier with a more capacious definition of your professional identity.
This capacious dodge has been around for years, but recent tax and legal changes have made it more attractive.
The word novel, though, is capacious; it can be lots of things.
Suites are capacious, and many boast views from terraces or balconies.
For those who work with digital video, music or photo files, it can seem as though no hard drive is capacious enough.
Clearly, when it comes to university governance, "shared" is a much more capacious concept than most people suspect.
The capacious lung, the thundering or the tender vocal chords.
Manhattan women shoulder capacious bags as they make their daily rounds.
We want to convert you from your own narrow views to our more capacious perspective.
Miss Toscano has a capacious, well-trained soprano voice, and an engaging and informal stage presence.
The advantages of a capacious autobiographical memory are not as obvious as they might seem.
In so doing, it has always favored philology and archaeology, all the while avoiding the more capacious domain of hermeneutics.
In preparing to write he read many books and out of his capacious memory he wrote with feverish haste.
No tale was too gross or monstrous for his capacious swallow.
Some of the variation is explained by capacious baths, power showers and flush lavatories in the rich world.
But supplemented by annotations that explain back-stories, the book is more capacious than the feed.
Suburbia, after all, has become so capacious a term that it has lost all meaning.
Inspired by their ministrations he vows to reform, returning the collection box he has slipped into his capacious pants.
Despite those capacious dimensions, there is no room to spare.

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