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Radio waves, although capable of going through the human body, have an energy too low to damage it.
It's easy to play yet capable of great subtlety; a skillful player can make notes bend and quiver and sigh.
The problem with this attitude is that women are not thought to be capable of anything else other than motherhood, by society.
The baby birds are capable of feeding themselves upon hatching.
They grew into adults, capable of reproducing every 55 days and during all seasons of the year.
This story of the capable Hugh, told in a rhythmic text that hurries along like the hero, is a read-aloud natural.
Applicants must have administrative and organizing ability and be capable of controlling a large staff.
Now these remote health monitors are becoming even more sophisticated and capable of being used in the most extreme conditions.
She's an intelligent, capable woman who has grown up in a competitive and highly deadly atmosphere.
And, most important, it was becoming clear that they were capable of sending up heavier payloads — like a nuclear warhead.
Unlike antibodies, T cells are capable of destroying cells that have been invaded and colonized by viruses.
Capable of playing both guard and center, he'll nevertheless be a long-shot to earn a roster spot in camp.
Colleges would find a large new source of students both capable of and eager to study the sciences.
Outstanding conductor, teacher, and choral scholar capable of inspiring advanced and beginning students.
All disciplines and professions are better informed by global perspective, shaped by it, and capable of contributing globally.
In this view, faculty members are neither capable of nor interested in managing the university.
Without an educational system capable of producing competent leaders, these sacrifices will be for naught.
Hands-on learning requires capable hands, and community-college students are often up to the task.
It's remarkably easy to use, and it's capable of capturing more image detail than you'll likely ever need.
In terms of power and precision, the handset feels capable and adequately balanced.
If they are responsive, they are capable of communicating.
Years of repression have stifled any opposition capable of challenging him successfully.
The enabling factor is the boost in sales of smartphones with cameras and browsers capable of loading rich media, such as video.
Now they are capable of switching at much higher voltages and currents in ever shorter times.
The only apes capable of building a society would have to be the bonobos.
We need to remember the horrors human beings are capable of inflicting upon one another.
The existence of so many polar dinosaurs, however, shows that some dinosaurs were capable of occupying cold regions.
We have no way of defending ourselves against extraterrestrials that are capable of space travel at this point of our development.
They have built a microbe capable of digesting it and converting it into ethanol or other fuels or chemicals.
Though they are usually seen on the ground, they can climb trees and are also capable swimmers.
They are generally sluggish fish but are capable of impressive bursts of speed.
But a pig is capable of contracting the flu from birds as well as humans.
When used commercially, groups of wind turbines are erected to form a wind farm capable of powering entire neighborhoods.
The bacteria were already known to be capable of another important function.
The snake may also have been capable of squeezing dinosaur eggs open to get to the hatchlings inside.
Any mind that is capable of real sorrow is capable of real good.
All the alcoholic ferments are not capable to the same extent of development by means of phosphates, ammoniacal salts, and sugar.
It varies with the length of the coccyx, and is capable of increase or diminution, on account of the mobility of that bone.
Thus morality, and humanity as capable of it, is that which alone has dignity.
But the state of mankind is not so miserable that they are not capable of using this remedy, till it be too late to look for any.
On the modern stage a few only of the elements capable of expressing the image of the poet's conception are employed at once.
Use this word only of matters of a kind capable of direct verification, not of matters of judgment.
Human beings are capable of drawing amazingly subtle social distinctions and then shaping their lives around them.
Most computers are capable of multiple screen resolutions.
First, the bird must be capable of natural reproduction.
Not that he was dead, but that he was capable of dying.
The protest movement, as it is presently structured, does not seem capable of either.
He is in many ways a capable and attractive candidate.
Traditional authors aren't the only ones capable of breathing life into sophisticated, relatable characters.
Since following this advice tends to go better for really capable people, they pay a smaller price for following it.
We know that horses are capable of living exceedingly happy lives.
And when human beings are given total control over others, they are capable of great evil.
If cartels are capable of competing in legal markets against legitimate firms, she hasn't provided any examples.
Now researchers know for sure that the prostate contains adult stem cells, each capable of building a prostate from scratch.
In the past, others have demonstrated radio-controlled planes and model rockets capable of scanning for wireless networks.
If they are deploying them anyway, they might as well consider making some of these capable of acting as super-wifi access nodes.
Now tell me how many photos they're actually capable of taking in a single run.
Drunk drivers have poor reaction times but are often capable of following along in traffic.
New research suggests that an individual brain cell is capable of complex pattern recognition.
There is a looming chasm between what your brain knows and what your mind is capable of accessing.
Yet this seemingly primitive organism is capable of some surprisingly complex behaviors.
But when he ran into her three years later at a rehab center, he was shocked to find her awake and capable of talking to him.
Honda's humanoid robot was the first one capable of true dynamic walking.
Clustered management systems are quite capable of dealing with the remainder.
Then they would transfuse donor bone marrow rich in the highly prized stem cells that are capable of generating new, normal blood.
It would be capable of carrying six astronauts for two years, and of traveling either to the moon or into the depths of space.
Words are capable of making experience more vivid, and also of organizing it.
But he was still capable of playing, note for note, his signature solos.
But it's also sad and stressful to watch a capable artist fail so publicly.
For her doctoral dissertation, she developed a robotic shepherd capable of corralling a herd of twenty robots.
Arkansans caution that he is capable of churlishness.
He sat at an electronic display that was as crisp and capable as any in the world.
The militants are also capable of striking in the cities.
Given a chance to show off her flair for comedy, she demonstrates that she too is capable of precise effects.
It relies heavily on intuition and is amazingly capable of misleading and also of being misled.
Yet there were signs that he was perfectly capable of it.
Yet it's capable of taking sharp, high-pixel density photos even from a bouncy rickshaw.
They want to make people look capable and respectable as moral agents.
He is capable of causing paralysis in those close to him.
The objective political and social reality does not seem capable of explaining a revolution.
It seemed to cast a slur on the husband and implied that he wasn't capable of keeping you.
The great thing about a hole-in-one is anyone is capable of achieving it.

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