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The index leaders are countries that usually perform well in more traditional rankings of current broadband capability.
The move to silicon optics would add a basic new capability to silicon chips: the ability to manipulate and respond to light.
Strong demonstrated interest and capability to undertake scholarly research publishable in leading journals.
Some scientists, he said, believe that even apes lack this capability.
The original device is replaced with a version with two-way capability.
The retention of a half capability is no capability at all.
They have the capability to send out general broadcasts of sonic energy and actually see with sound.
Your phone manufacturer should announce this capability soon.
Those indicate schoolmates who are nearby, as detected by the computers' built-in wireless networking capability.
Only humans, though, develop the physical capability to make the complex sounds of speech.
Zip-in and snap-in capability lets boys add another layer to the exterior or interior of this jacket for added protection.
We can afford quite of lot of fun without damaging our capability to breed.
They have almost no storage, processing power, or graphics capability.
With pork, there's been a general upgrading of scientific capability nationwide that would otherwise not have happened.
Each has already dramatically cut its nuclear capability since the peak of the cold war.
The central bank can run a real monetary policy and has some counter-cyclical capability.
Scholars of all ideological beliefs have the capability to be objective.
US manufacturing is shrinking at the low end and there is too little capability and attention at the high end.
No other country agonises so much over whether it should abandon or downgrade its nuclear capability.
And, alongside the manufacturing base, the local university has kept up its metals-research capability.
In other words, this system allows us to project capability without projecting vulnerability.
It costs a lot of money to purchase nuclear capability.
In particular, they want a tutoring capability that is smart enough to tailor its approach each student.
It will also features one-touch audio and video recording, as well as live-streaming capability.
It does have the capability of potentially saving someone's life.
We're hoping to add video capability in the next year or two.
The electrical power generation and increased navigation capability is an additional ancillary benefit.
Of course this kind of capability doesn't come cheap.
One pointed out that even though annotation is possible on various readers, the annotation capability is quite limited.
Drinking chlorinated water, for example, raises similar questions for adaptive immune learning capability.
The lidar would have high-resolution ranging capability to provide additional information on tree canopy height.
GM engineers are said to be developing a quick-charge capability as well.
Pre-fly lizards began to glide first--perching is a modern physical capability as pointed out in the article.
We have made progress in restoring our defense capability.
We knew that he had the military capability to do that.
There are advocates of the idea that the capability was always there, but that it wasn't expressed.
There's even height adjustment capability, a dimension that other helmet brands simply do not address.
They also want the capability to get rid of faculty they see as problematic, for whatever reason.
It is lighter to carry, has the capability to hold hundreds of texts, and is easy to organize.
E-readers have more capability for text-to-voice conversion than do standard textbooks.
They don't want anyone having the capability to rise to their level without the pedigree or papers to prove they belong.
Its a suicide mission for the sub and a major loss of naval capability by the small country.
When there is no longer any debt, there will no longer exist any securities backed by the full financial capability of government.
We have a military capability that dwarfs all others.
For some, this marks a great loss in our national vision, capability and space endeavors.
These two units featured a magnetic storage devices, making them among the first machines to provide word processing capability.
By achieving reliability along with capability, computers have won broad commercial acceptance.
Having said that, it's not that this capability doesn't exist in the world and that it can't be acquired.
Most airliners do not have the capability to acquire them.
Most ski resorts have the capability to make snow if the local weather doesn't provide snow naturally.
It uses a lithium-ion battery, electric motor and regenerative braking capability to improve fuel economy.
It's a long leap from counting neurons firing, to speculating on intellectual capability or efficacy of brain use.
So your question seems to be, where is the predictive capability for warming.
It also has the capability to shock the heart to rescue it from any potentially fatal change in rhythm.
The reader simply has the capability to arrive at the meaning being conveyed, even though he may be virulently opposed to it.
Having no manned capability is a bad idea if you have people living and working in space.
Any increase in back pressure would drop the power of the engine, thus reducing war-fighting capability.
The quote given has too much focus on capability, and too little on performance.
That's not a terribly impressive capability, however, because they aren't closely related at all.
Devices with such capability were considered science fiction until recently.
These are important questions that current science has limited capability to answer.
It is a star, that has exploded with the capability of destroying another planet and/or any lifeforms on that planet.
The site will only have so much solar power capability to start with.
Scientists are now sequencing parts of its unusually large genome in order to understand the genetic basis for this capability.
In the last few years, however, mobile processors have vastly increased in capability.
The organism already existed, new capability was added.
Given the capability of smartphones to tag their real time data with time and place info, it might not be a wise idea.
The capability to do begin this work on planets around other stars should be with us in the next few years.
But it does nothing to change our capability to socialise.
Science fiction has given us the idea that humanity has the capability to solve every problem.
Not that this is what one would do economically, but it shows the scope of the biofuel capability.
We do not have the reserves or the potential production capability to move the price of oil all that much.
Immune system is quite complex and the particular area of learning capability of the immune system isnt understood completely.
He had to start somewhere and have the capability of looking back.
Process capability compares the output of an in-control process to the specification limits by using capability indices.
Capability preparedness level for this capability does not vary by location, but would still vary by the likelihood of the event.

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