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The tree falls exactly where he wants it to, but on the way down it rips a branch from the overhanging canopy.
Their bright colors actually provide good camouflage in the dappled light of the rain forest canopy.
Phytoplankton make up the chlorophyll-bearing canopy at the base of the marine food web.
They can be found in cool, damp areas of deciduous forests, emerging before the tree canopy develops.
If you're looking for a source of shade, pick a tree with a wide canopy.
Lightweight spokes held in tension form a perfect, almost rigid canopy.
So, small trivial observations about the height of the rainforest canopy as useless.
The leaves of the upper canopy intercept raindrops and reduce their impact on vegetation and butterflies below.
From this vantage point, the luxuriant tapestry appears as thick as ancient rain-forest canopy.
Cuplike crowns above the canopy collect rainwater to keep the uppermost limbs hydrated.
Kinkajous are elusive animals, sleeping by day inside tree holes, active at night in the forest canopy high above ground.
Use under a canopy of tall conifers where its blazing fall color offers brilliant contrast.
Most of them have cryptic coloring, are nocturnal, or are hidden in the high canopy.
Many of the felled trees include the fruit and canopy trees that the orangutans need for food and travel.
The hoots grew louder, and they could tell the group was moving rapidly through the canopy.
Eucalyptus are notorious for preventing any vegetation under their canopy.
In the sky, a huge harpy eagle soars on pewter-colored wings, peering through the canopy for its next meal.
The lidar would have high-resolution ranging capability to provide additional information on tree canopy height.
Growing coffee under a canopy of trees provides critical winter habitat for many migratory birds.
Always water under the leaf canopy to keep the leaves dry.
The horned guan often runs along branches through the forest canopy when alarmed.
The reclaimed redwood canopy here was designed to mimic the wood rafters in the house.
They live high up in the canopy and only come down at night to breed in pig wallows.
Spruce and hemlock form a dense green canopy above us.
Next you're off to explore the rain forest, where you take a dip in a creek and climb a tower into the canopy.
The drip line of a tree or shrub runs around the perimeter of the canopy and virtually outlines the root zone on the ground below.
Often seen in small flocks during migration, the scarlet sings on the breeding grounds and feeds high in the canopy.
And after dark, the constellations weave a starry canopy.
Their loud calls, squawks, and screams echo through the forest canopy.
These plants create high-rise watering holes for the animals that live in-and in some cases never leave-the canopy layer.
Miller's chute caught on the temporary canopy that juts out on all sides of the ring.
Golden sweepers shelter beneath a canopy of table coral.
The structure and multiple ecological functions of the ancient rain forest have been erased together with the canopy.
Your canopy walkways are used in some places to promote tourism.
Suddenly, he stops and shades his eyes while peering up into the canopy.
Either they had been longer in the place than they imagined, or some unusual canopy of cloud had gathered over the town.
The king at last came in guarded with twelve lances, covered over with a rich canopy with embossed gold.
They will recover the canopy, and they will be available for pruning and cropping the following year.
Describes effects of adelgids on hemlock canopy life.
Viewed from the inside, the piece suggests a dense canopy of verdure.
Because apricot trees tend to form too dense a canopy, open-center training is usually recommended.
His rain forest has a lacy canopy, a shady understory, and plenty of orchids and tree ferns in between.
After several hours, the hunters hear a troop of monkeys jumping nervously about the canopy.
On the hilltop a lush forest canopy shades a patch of coffee.
The cops guzzle water in the shade of the gas station's canopy.
They leap to the canopy at the first sign of movement.
The dining table stood on a platform with a canopy overhead, giving the effect of an indoor gazebo.
The seedling trees became giants, and with strong outreaching branches spread a leafy canopy over the gray land.
Above them the high trees meet in a canopy of entwined branches and leaves.
So concentrated is the quiet that the slow zigzag of a leaf falling from the canopy captures everyone's attention.
Visitors can also fly through the rain forest's canopy on a thrilling zip line ride.
Outdoor activities include everything from fishing and surfing to zip-line canopy rides over the treetops.
To get the starting spot for the canopy tour, choose between hiking and horseback.
Patrons can relax on the boat's two decks, and the upper deck is covered with a canopy to keep guests dry if it rains.
Many species of bromeliads grow in a tropical rainforest's canopy.
Take a drive into the forest to enjoy a cave snorkeling experience or a canopy walk.
It has a clear canopy that covers the driver's seat while it is parked and not in use.
Rare uakari monkeys, marmosets and umbrella birds move through the lush canopy foraging for food.
At night luminous fungi glow surreally on the rocks and fireflies dance shimmering arabesques through the forest canopy.
Look for shafts of light penetrating the canopy or one spot on the forest floor directly lit by the sun.
Buying shade-grown coffee, farmed under a forest canopy, can be a good start.
The problem is that northern trees and shrubs beneath the forest canopy depend on that litter for food.
At night they sleep aloft, high in the rain forest canopy.
The distinctive structure at the top of the bill, called a casque, helps hornbills project their harsh call cross the canopy.
The graceful brown lemur bounds effortlessly across openings in the canopy and hangs by its knees to graze on leaves.
Trees respond to this stress by shedding leaves, creating openings in the forest canopy and adding tinder to the forest floor.
At first the management tried erecting a canopy over the bandstand to muffle the sound.
It is at these tiny crossings that our memories are made: not in the trunk of the neuronal tree, but in its sprawling canopy.
The road is narrow, twisting under a canopy of green.
Extend canopy roof to building at entrance door with flexible flashing.
Mapping forest canopy gaps using air-photo interpretation and ground surveys.

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