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His selections include the canonical and the overlooked.
Copying guaranteed that each generation transmitted canonical texts to the next.
The canonical winter icons, stellar snow crystals are thin plates of ice with six main arms, or branches.
The canonical viewing position-horizontal-requires balancing a laptop on your belly.
What's been going on in the stock market hardly fits canonical notions of rationality.
Same goes for many of the more canonical works that have been listed.
Lotus leaves are the canonical example of a hydrophobic, or water-hating, material.
The researchers acknowledged that biologists had not been crying out for a canonical definition of the term.
Canonical law ultimately pushed civil law in too harsh a direction.
Apparently having a sense of one's canonical texts in their original languages is not relevant to ministry.
Its place in history and canonical rank must be refined, its usefulness to contemporary artists explored.
When a poem becomes canonical, it's almost always a mixed blessing.
We had two canonical versions and then a host of paper and digital bits floating in between.
Now their opinions were sought and cited as canonical truth.
He persisted to refuse to ordain bishops, named by the king, without a canonical election.
These seven days are in their turn divided into sections based upon the canonical hours.
The only canonical poets she writes about with real enthusiasm are the ones using what she feels to be popular language.
Some of them might have been as popular as today's canonical quartet.
The scene quickly became a canonical bit of sports video.
The textbook highlights why certain things are canonical and why others are not.

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