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The floating platform allows the researchers to collect data using the canister at various points all along the river.
What happens is that nitrous oxide, which is also in the canister and under high pressure, dissolves in the vodka.
The irony of all this complex electronics is that it all begins with a small canister which is where they get the protons from.
What caught almost everyone off-guard was the tear-gas canister that was detonated in the debating chamber.
In backward places a film canister full of green tea leaves is handy.
The bicycle pump pressurizes an air canister, which is connected by an air hose to a quick-connect valve on the rain barrel.
Once on deck, eager hands opened the plastic canister at its tail.
Months later, officials are still at a loss to explain how the oxygen canister could have caught fire.
The important thing to keep running was the fan that pumped air through a canister of sodium hydroxide.
The instrument, a canister whose lid gets squeezed under the higher pressures of deeper waters, notes the compression.
Multi-sized canister adapters means you can hook up a small propane tank for extra mobility.
At its heart, though, it's little more than a copper pipe containing a butane canister.
He climbs into a cargo container on the back of a flatbed truck and puts the canister down near the center.
The whole thing runs on a propane canister, and packs up into a fairly small bag for transport.
Choices range from simple fire enclosures fueled by twigs and debris to high-tech canister stoves fed by pressurized butane.
Some of the guns were masked, and did not open until the enemy were within canister range.
Click here for a park-wide map showing all canister requirement areas.
Though again, a canister is always the easiest way to protect bears from getting your food.
Tape the constellation pattern to the outside bottom of a film canister.
Canister capacity testing shall be performed following the durability conditioning.
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