caning in a sentence

Example sentences for caning

Crafting their code in home workshops, they enjoyed the same satisfaction that comes from building a bookshelf or caning a chair.
So too are strict laws, with many crimes punishable by caning or hanging.
He was already between secondary school and university, and was too old for caning.
The caning officer delivers the strokes using the whole of his body weight.
The caning was carried out with a half-inch-thick wooden cane that could cause welts and scarring.
Reports were received during the year of the use of corporal punishment, including the caning of students.
Caning, in addition to imprisonment, has been a routine punishment for numerous offenses.
Three-time offenders face long mandatory sentences and caning.
Caning, carried out with a half-inch-thick wooden cane, commonly causes welts and at times scarring.
Chair caning and rush roping are also done in the upholstery shop.
In the last ten years, baking, caning and preserving has become a cottage industry for many small farmers.
The caning, carried out with a half inch thick wooden cane, commonly causes welts and at times scarring.
Capital punishment is also receiving new acceptance, and legislators are considering the benefits of caning.
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