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Example sentences for canines

Then, there's no need to stamp out industry or put down lovable canines.
Caught up in the spirit, the canines halt their pursuit and begin rotating their heads in time with the beat.
Canines have always been notorious scene-stealers in movies.
It is about the relationships between canines and humans, and canines and canines, and humans and humans.
Cracking the metabolic secrets of distance-racing canines.
Lovejoy seems to recognize this when he points out that humans lost their canines as males adopted the role of provider.
Cowering, tail between the legs, and submissiveness too play bows and wagging are clear signs of a canines intent.
Canines depend on smell and sound far more than vision.
Thus, immaculate conceptions of canines in human carriers are unavoidable.
The streets of the capital are filled with mangy canines and dog owners are few.
Top three picks of our ad panel all featured canines.
He was apprehended by customs and border patrol canines as he was exiting a cruise line.
That's a typically human way of seeing things, but as canines, our world is defined by smells.
But this means that his canines grew next door to his middle teeth, so there are no gaps.
In some cases, the canines warn of oncoming attacks.
Summer camps for canines and their human pack partners are in full swing.
They're search-and-rescue dogs-working canines from a wide mix of breeds.
But using your methods helps us to maintain a healthy environment for our beloved canines.
These highly trained canines also make recovery efforts go faster.
The big canines killed nearly half the coyote population.
As every dog-lover knows, canines can sense a meal a mile away.
But in still other species, the males have much bigger canines than the females.
Smilodon, on the other hand, hunted by stabbing its prey with its furiously long and thin curled canines.
Lower jaw shows goldwork, right lower lateral incisor and also goldwork on the canines.
As any dog lover knows, canines have special powers.
Gourmet shops that cater to canines are forming in packs all over the city.
Also abundant were well-groomed, purebred canines strolling with their owners, who were talking on cellphones.
Here are some cute reader canines for you to admire.
Some people buy time-shares in condos, others in canines.
The stress caused them to grind their canines and molars.
Both canines were acquired from guide dog foundations.
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