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Example sentences for candour

They have all been treated by me with candour, which they have not been careful of observing to one another.
Let us have the courage to give advice with candour.
In this age of political correctness and fluffy management mantras, his candour is refreshing.
Candour about the succession would be unwise: those who are not picked might quit.
But the baroness's remark is stronger on grandeur than candour.
Full marks to the bank, then, for the candour of its self-criticism.
Their approach has seemed marked by composure and candour.
She also had more complex reasons which, with her usual candour, she didn't hide.
Having more expressions at our disposal facilitates that kind of candour.
Such candour was impressive, and an effective way of managing the press.
What this book misses in self-awareness it gains in candour-blistering, odd and entertaining.
But the damage was done: she had so clearly spoken with the candour of spontaneous disappointment.
The view from the nominee's side of the witness table, she said, makes one reconsider how much candour is appropriate.

Famous quotes containing the word candour

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