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Example sentences for candor

Pepys' candor and eye for detail make his diary irresistible.
Indeed, you probably shouldn't expect more candor from a peer-observation report than from a restaurant review.
For all its frank sexuality and candor, the novel feels canned and unconvincing.
Your lack of candor is typical of the farce you present here.
It is that freewheeling style that has made him popular with voters and cemented his reputation for candor and straight talk.
You might be surprised at his candor and sadness for he was, if nothing else, true to himself.
He was a pioneer of openness and a lifelong model of candor.
Let it all hang out, openness and candor, everything above board — these are dominant themes on higher-ed rostrums.
Hansen has continued to do research on climate change and to speak out, even when his candor threatened his career.
To acquiesce in discrepancy is destructive of candor and of moral cleanliness.
Gottschalk's candor is undoubtedly the characteristic that has separated him from his former employer.
Candor and consistency are not always public virtues.

Famous quotes containing the word candor

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