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At the end of his life, he wrote an autobiography for his children that was totally candid, and not intended for publication.
Her writing voice is just as striking—alternately sweet and sour, naïve and cynical, but always unflinchingly candid.
But beyond that, the loss of board confidentiality destroys the possibility of candid and productive discussion in the boardroom.
Capote's talk is disarmingly candid, frequently funny, always intelligent and sometimes really hair-curling .
Thompson is a riot, an opinionated, candid woman full of witty asides and killer zingers.
And you will extract my ongoing letter to you, my private or overly candid diary entries here and there.
It is a remarkably candid and revealing look at the man behind the camera.
Neither are exactly shy about candid, private discussions with reporters on sensitive topics.
During their candid interviews, they didn't hesitate to talk over one another, or finish each other's sentences.
It may seem counterintuitive, but being cognitively drained made them less inhibited and more candid, which felt good.
It was also refreshing to hear of your candid interest in ecstasy.
Inviting me into their homes or offices, everyone was quite candid about their particular role in history.
But there was one group of students who had some candid feedback, and it took me by surprise.
Those gatherings are closed to the news media and nonmembers, and are a rare chance for candid conversation.
What may be more important to the survival of higher education is a candid dialogue about tenure.
Who would be better to give some candid background to what the state of the industry is than the industry itself.
For an undoubtedly candid and penetrating faculty such as his, the bearings he persistently ignored were marvellous.
She is both candid and private, gregarious and solitary, self-doubting and daring.
The economists are also candid about situations in which capital controls may be needed.
It is candid, however, which makes the limitations in the arguments easier to acknowledge.
Also, some of our commenters suggested that being candid would backfire if a politician held an unpopular view.
But, to be candid, there are also people who don't feel that way.
The pleasant surprise is that his comments are candid without being cutting.
She can afford to be less didactic, more charmingly candid, a little scattier.
Objections have also been made to the language, though this is candid, not coarse.
Historical artwork is not the same as candid photographs.
Lots of things with their heads still attached, and a candid view of those heads being consumed.
From the candid appearance of the pics, these do not appear to be expected photos.
Xu was candid about the skepticism, even disdain, that his proposal engenders among orthodox archaeologists.
The agency spokesmen were less candid about their reliance on ratings.
Residents can also provide candid feedback about community management.
There are candid readers, unquestionably, who feel that they have outgrown him.
Such deepseated and strong statements are rarely isolated occurrences, but candid reflections of one's personal world view.
Open, candid, ongoing communication is vital to the success of collaborative research.
To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
No picture of a modern candidate can be complete without a survey of her candid moments caught on video.
Its interiors are minimalist, and grimly candid about it.

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