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But her teacher has to look after her sick mother and thus class is cancelled until further notice.
Viz took pains to assure fans that their favorite titles and series will not be cancelled in the wake of these layoffs.
Reservations cancelled more than 30 days in advance of your visit date are refundable in full.
The party is cancelled because of a hurricane, so instead of candles and cake, they have bottled water and boarded-up windows.
But they cancelled a protest march in an attempt to avoid further violence.
Some finals were cancelled, some were postponed, some were given as scheduled.
Originally scheduled for release last December, the book was cancelled and rescheduled for a very special reason.
Your problems with this will be resolved any nobody will care about the why exactly you cancelled.
The news was met with vocal protests, from citizens and government officials, and the plans have now been cancelled.
The forgetting is reversible-when the suggestion is cancelled, their memories come flooding back.
Unemployment rises until the wage gains of the boom have been cancelled out and the rate of profit starts to rise again.
Several planned projects have been cancelled due to insufficient financing.
And even the regulars took time off for holiday trips, or simply cancelled their lessons because of the weather.
Work and education programs have been cancelled, out of a belief that the pursuit of rehabilitation is pointless.
Primary elections for mayor and other city offices were cancelled.
Stock market technique whereby large trades are placed before being promptly cancelled.
If your flight has been cancelled, a refund to the original form of payment can be requested.
Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after its second season.
Soldiers' leave is often cancelled and mobile-phone use is restricted.
But it is also because real-world agents woo customers by offering refunds for cancelled trips and generally going the extra mile.
He denies, however, that the project has been cancelled.
As for buses, they do exist, but only the poor seem to be on them and routes are being cancelled for budgetary reasons.
Broadcast television programmes must succeed quickly or they will be cancelled.
Orders are an important indicator, but between signature and delivery many are cancelled, trimmed or postponed.
We found out that the airline had also cancelled the same flight on the previous day.
But few face concerted political campaigns to have their shows cancelled.
The team returned home and the cricket series was cancelled.
Yeah, everyone hates having a favorite show cancelled.
The sources sought and two pre-bid inspection opportunities for this project have been cancelled.
Your loan may be cancelled if it is discharged in bankruptcy.

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