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Each time, in a rush of ambivalence, she would call back and cancel.
For exasperated customers who have tried to cancel some service or other to no avail, an explanation may be at hand.
The two waves should thus, in theory, cancel each other out-leaving silence.
Given enough data, the outliers tend to cancel one another out.
Many say they'd cancel cards with a high new annual fee.
There is no way your family is going to cancel the trip-you have all been looking forward to it for a year.
The theory goes that, if the toll is high enough, some drivers will cancel their trips or opt for the bus or rails.
By purchasing the flight early, you give up the luxury of being able to change or cancel your trip.
However, you may cancel a current membership and order a foreign-language edition.
Gather enough estimates and the wild guesses cancel each other out, bringing you closer to the answer.
Oil subsidies more than cancel out the windfall the government should be receiving from the current high oil price.
Typically, interfering waves reinforce in some places and cancel in others.
Technological ingenuity may, however, be able to use these two problems to cancel each other out.
All those waves cancel one another out, leaving utter blackness.
Your best bet it to cancel your trips, blame the hurricane, and stay home.
The researchers could cancel out vision of one eye's image by presenting a specific high contrast image to the other eye.
How much simpler it would have been to cancel it and declare himself president for life.
Tribal factors count but do not cancel out a general thirst for freedom as well as unity.
Telecoms companies are doing well as businessmen cancel meetings and tele-conference instead.
In response, the agency is moving to cancel the pesticide's registration.
Household employment is extremely volatile and big swings tend to cancel each other out over time.
When the right units of measurement are chosen for each component, they cancel out.
But consultants will feel the pinch next year, as clients cancel or delay projects.
Cull through their bills and find other items to cancel.
It is time for library directors to take a stand and cancel.
Notify all other employers that you are no longer available for employment, and cancel any interviews you might have pending.
My new life is surrounded by so many quotation marks that they cancel each other out.
Notice in this case that the time terms do not cancel.
Doubt anybody will cancel it because my expenses aren't reimbursed.
People cancel searches for all kinds of reasons, now not having a minority candidate is added to the mix.
Because the operation of each laser is independent of the others, their speckles cancel each other out.
The arrest may speed up rather than cancel planned attacks.
Over time, transactions in opposite directions cancel each other out, so physical movement is minimised.
Here, when you give notice, they will cancel your insurance.
Unless you change or cancel a booked flight more than three days before departure, you have to pay change or cancellation fees.
Anti-vibration devices can negate the vibration exactly the way anti-noise devices cancel sound.
Although interference can cancel out amplitude noise, it does nothing for phase noise.
He had about eight months to come up with a good reason to cancel the appointment.
Anyone can cancel a subscription in these supposed end times of print.
Normally, the split light waves fall out of sync on their journeys and so cancel each other out when recombined.
For one thing, when both eyes are open, they cancel out each other's blind spots.
If they wish to add a flight, airlines must first cancel another.
Many stockists lost their credit insurance, forcing him to cancel orders.
The first practical proposal, to cancel military operations overseas to pay for a big public-works programme, caused a big row.
Because if the going gets tough, it is much easier for a city to cancel a bus line than a rail line.
But, alas, this does not automatically cancel out its darker side.
Check on all aspects of the trip to determine if anything is refundable should you need to cancel your trip.
He asked to cancel his service and return the modem for a refund.
Customers were outraged when they couldn't change or cancel flights, choose seats or access their frequent-flier accounts.
Find out about the club's refund polices for people who wish to cancel or are moving away.

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