campaigning in a sentence

Example sentences for campaigning

The way he's campaigning is not going to appeal to them.
Campaigning for president means surrendering to a certain set of indignities.
He believes his term was retribution for his campaigning.
When campaigning for a second term in an election last year, he promised that power companies would be next.
As politicians start campaigning for next year's presidential election, they should ignore the business lobbyists.
Yet politicians have been campaigning since last autumn's party conferences.
Both parties have wised up, it seems, to foreign examples of what new media can do for fund-raising and campaigning.
Media coverage is comparatively cheap, and the state is small, allowing door-to-door campaigning.
Violence, intimidation, arbitrary arrests and deaths during campaigning have been blamed on thugs loyal to him.
Pressure groups dealing with issues such as war crimes are campaigning for reform.
Marine biologists have been campaigning for marine reserves for decades.
If so, it is magnanimous of politicians to bother campaigning on any other issues at all.
Clubbing together and campaigning for reform can also help.
The agreement is the final result of a decade of clever campaigning.
The dollar-a-day line is more of a campaigning tool than a guide to policy.
Although the candidates have been campaigning for months, even years, the contest looks as fluid as it was when they began.
Oh, it might get a lot of glowing lip-service, the way positive campaigning and unity politics do.
He believed enough money would come in for a couple of months' campaigning.
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