camber in a sentence

Example sentences for camber

Reverse camber rocker makes it almost impossible slip out or catch a stray edge-even in the frostiest conditions.
Traditional in-track cross-country skis have a more pronounced double camber for better kick and glide.
The camber of an airfoil is the curve of its upper and lower surfaces.
The term upper camber refers to the camber of the upper surface of the airfoil.
Beam camber information shall appear on the plans and shown in inches.
Camber values are computed based on initial camber, initial camber adjusted for creep, and final camber.
Camber tolerance is often not given enough forethought by designers in prefabricated bridge projects.
Primary examples include horizontally curved bridge girders and camber to compensate for vertical curve and dead load deflections.
Camber, however, continues to grow after the initial strand release.
Joint block detail should be used if camber will not provide desired inlet elevation.
It is important that the camber of the new girder be matched with that in the old girders.
If the camber is different from side to side it can cause a pulling problem.
The vehicle will pull to the side with the more positive camber.
It is not required that these camber losses be accounted for in the camber profile.
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