calving in a sentence

Example sentences for calving

If global warming ends up causing glaciers to accelerate their calving, it's worth watching.
But it is melting fast, with the thunderous sounds of icebergs calving off glaciers filling the air.
Calving only means glaciers are moving towards the sea.
Glaciers on land are moving faster and calving more often, increasing the total sea ice.
That's because of the calving, the term that's given when big chunks of the glacier break off.
Each tour includes lunch alongside a glacier in the process of calving-sheering off large pieces into the ocean.
Electric fencing now surrounds calving lots in many risky areas.
It is wildebeest calving season, and many of those giant bearded antelope have newborns trailing them.
The danger posed by calving ice is too great, they say.
Experimental selection for calving ease and postnatal growth in seven cattle populations.
When calving appears imminent, cows are moved to individual maternity pens or an open calving area.
Calving sites and the entire annual calving grounds were displaced along with the concentrated calving areas.
Most herds, however, are drawn to a specific calving area.
Winter has been mild, calving started good, wheat could use snow cover due to cold nights.
These waters are the only known calving area for the species.
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