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The energy stored in food is measured in terms of calories.
Things you eat in your dreams have no calories or other unwanted things and you can eat all you want with no repercussions.
But when people have enough calories they need to diversify towards vegetables, pulses and meat.
By raising the surrounding air temperature, the bats would need to burn fewer calories to warm back up.
Counting calories today is as easy as checking the label in a grocery store, or perusing the menu in a restaurant.
Their metabolic rate stays elevated for hours after the last weight is put away, burning extra calories.
Pace, distance and calories are easy to switch between, thanks to the simple three-button setup.
The toughest part of counting calories can be figuring out how many are actually on your plate.
It turns out that large brains need a huge amount of calories to function.
The basic formula for weight loss is simple and widely known: consume fewer calories than you expend.
Juicy and refreshing pickle is rich in vitamins and minerals, and poor in calories.
Nevertheless, the parallel is intriguing-and yet another incentive to cut down on the calories.
But don't ask them to tell you how many calories are in that jumbo tub of popcorn.
Standing desks alow you to stretch and move while you work-you burn more calories than sitting.
If sweeteners are used as part of a low-fat diet in which all calories are accounted for, there should be no problem.
We needed these high density calories to feed our growing brains.
Sure, the exercise benefits may be minimal but it's more calories burned than coding.
For lower-income consumers, more calories per dollar means more satisfaction until the next meal.
Some restaurants serve up more calories than promised.
Unwanted packages are often discreetly handed on to others, creating a cascade of calories and goodwill.
The extra calories they stored when fruit was plentiful are now helping them survive.
Most fat-free foods have nearly as many calories as their full-fat counterparts.
Wilderness travel uses more calories than you will expect.
However, many foods with added sugars contain nothing but calories.
Meals of stir-fried vegetables, sweet potatoes, and tofu are high in nutrients and low in calories.
Potatoes rule when it comes to calories per square foot.
The insulation that keeps seals warm is pure fat, which provides twice the calories of muscle.
Your metabolism slows down, but you are still burning calories.
Sports function tracks steps taken and calories burned.
We don't have the luxury of carrying heavy foodstuffs underground and freeze dried food is notoriously lacking in calories.
The fat cell's main job is to store our excess calories as fat.
The duration of the test would need to track burning of and consumption of calories on days with no work out at all also.
When people wolf their food, they end up consuming more calories than they would at a slower pace.
Of course, people put on weight when they consume more calories than they burn off.
The bottom billion do not receive enough calories or micronutrients for proper health.
Fall on short and you're more interesting as calories only.
We've only been thinking about calories in terms of food.
To burn the calories in a large fast-food meal can require the equivalent of running a marathon.
Counting calories has long been a popular and effective way to lose weight.
Computing calories would be truly impossible for such places.
The local cuisine dates back to the days when people burned off calories at work.
The slimming operators fought back this month by launching new, simplified systems for counting calories.
But calories from sweet drinks are not the only problem.
The fear of calories and the fear of other peoples obesity.
If you're the one who rudely mentions dieting or calories, stop.
Don't give them too much in the way of juice or empty drink calories-it fills them up.
Boasting one-third less fat, it has fewer calories and less cholesterol than domestic pork.
Prisoners were crammed into the crumbling barracks and provided only a few hundred calories a day.
That's what downtime was for: looking after any cuts and wounds and sunburn, and sleeping and packing calories.
Marketers are responding to calls for lower calories and creating a variety of products with smaller portions.
Remember that the heavier you are, the more calories you burn.
New research shows that eating more of certain foods can stave off hunger pangs and control calories.
Here are three ways to enjoy the essence of chocolate, without the calories.
He thinks about calories, too, and whether he's getting enough vitamins.
All cookies had to have fewer than a hundred and thirty calories per serving.
Sweet food is at a premium in the wild because the sugars it contains provide valuable calories.
We-especially me-really do not need more calories, thank you.
At the best of times, his wages buy only slightly more calories than he expends to earn them.
In this system, calories are not determined directly by burning the foods.
As the holidays approach, so do tasty treats laden with calories, many of them provided by fat.
For our ancestors, meat supplied a more concentrated package of calories and nutrients than weeds and berries.
The fact that a hamburger is lower in calories than a salad doesn't necessarily make it a better option.
And for the same reasons as people-too many calories and too little exercise.
Six million years of human evolution did not involve the consumption of grains in any large percentage of total dietary calories.
Inflammation can change the character of the gut microbes, in some cases allowing more calories to be extracted from food.
Mitochondria are the miniature power-packs that convert food calories into chemical energy that sustains the body.
Cutting calories has been shown to increase the life span of some animals and protect them from signs of aging and disease.
These mice have eaten about two-thirds as many calories as their portly peers.
It combines various measures to calculate the number of calories burned during the course of a day.
Some people have microbes that are better at absorbing calories.
They could buy a ton of calories for not a lot of money.
It's time for grocer's shelves and displays to trumpet brands that offer less calories and a better balance of nutrition.
Ultimately, it is the calories in and the calories out that determine our weight.
Weight-loss diets must do two things: restrict calories, and provide balanced nutrient intake.
Both are sugars and empty calories, and everyone would be better off eating less of both.
Mental effort is costly in time and also in calories.
Eating all this toxicity and working off the calories, it was a recipe for disaster.
Babies use brown fat to burn calories and keep warm.
Yet humans burn the same number of calories, scaled to size, as other primates.
Early humans had to chew a lot of plants to get enough calories to survive, making another row of molars helpful.
High in calories but low in nutrition, junk food isn't exactly optimal fuel for kids.
Each one of these operations can snag a blue whale up to half a million calories.
Because farming and herding yield far more calories per acre than does hunting wild animals or gathering wild plants.
They're extremely low in calories, with almost no fat, she enthuses.
Great whites might favor fat because they burn prodigious amounts of calories.
And brains are particularly costly, requiring twelve times more calories ounce for ounce than muscle.
But big game makes up only a small fraction of their calories.
Overweight children should avoid liquid calories, which are less likely to fill them up.
And if you didn't know this already, salad dressings are often loaded with fat and calories.
Solid fats and oils provide the same number of calories per gram.
Kids in a fast-food restaurant might not count calories, but parents could.
However, your weight is a balance of the number of calories you eat and drink and the physical activity you do.
People can use discretion about calories from sugar.
What's more, the calories you consume stick around, since you're not doing much to burn them off.
These snack bars are advertised as low in calories, high in calcium and made with whole grains.
Good news for dieters who feel that counting calories has become a full-time job.

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